Future of Church

Ya know, the more I think about this Murphy move...

First of all, what would be the degree of acceptance if Daniel Murphy played left field full time for an entire season? Would a .275 batting average with very few home runs be okay?

We can assume Beltran will have a... well, Beltran year.

And, we can assume that Fernando Martinez will be ready by next spring the latest, and possibly, this year's all-star break.

If Jerry Manuel is already hinting that Murphy might spell Church a few times this year, doesn't that mean that Church is possibly on the way out?

I'll tell you one thing... Ryan Church will not asccept being a role player in 2010.

And... if the Murphy experiment works, where do you bat him?

Is the 1-2-3 something like Castillo-Murphy-Reyes?

That would mean the 4-5-6-is Wright-Beltran-Delgado

New Question: when F-Mart comes up, where the hell does he bat? 7th???

This IS gwetting interesting and I can't wait to get in the clubhouse tomorrow and see this for myself.

HINT: If Nick Evans starts at first in tomorrow's intrasquad game, all this makes sense. Evans would be groomed for the 4th outfielder/spell 1st baseman in 2010.

The starting first baseman would be someone new... or... King... no, I can't say it.



Dave Singer said...

I think it's an effort by Jerry to shake things up a bit, while adding stability (does that make sense?).

So Murph plays 130-140 games or so in LF, Church plays 140 games or so in RF, and Tatis plays 80-90 games in RF, LF, 3B and 1B.

Tatis as our super-sub is pretty damn good IMO.

Church is going to have a BIG year...BIG.

Mack said...



let's say Church goes all-star on us... then what in 2010?

These are good problems

Dave Singer said...

It's a good question.

What about FMart, Beltran and Church in the OF.

DW, Jose, Murph and Delgado/Nervous Nick at 1B?

I believe the Mets will be much more likely to suck up the Castillo $$$ next year as there will be "some" return on their investment.

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