Tradition Field - 10:39am

I just spent some time watching a few pitchers warm up outside the clubhouse.

Francisco Rodriquez - serious stuff... spot on... his delivery is quite deceptive and it is impossible to pick up the ball until it is beyond release. I'm telling ya... you are just gonna love this guy being handed the ball from J.J.

Livan Hernandez - basically just soft tossing... no reason for him to push it this early... looks in great shape and could be a nice insurance policy.

(btw - sitting next to Matt Cerrone right now... a real nice guy)

Mike Pelfrey - regular session... he really looks like a 20-game winner this year



Ed Ryan said...


Curious jerry really seems to stir the pot ( with purpose) whether it's pushing Jose or sending church a message - after a stoic camp with Willie for three years how is the club really responded. Do they love this guy as much as being reported, does it seem like he's getting under anyones skin 9 in a bad way). Whats your take from being there on camp under Jerry....


Mack said...

I don't think anyone is unhappy with anything right now, especially Jerry.

Also, he just doesn't seem to be around, though you know he is... it is obvious that he believes in letting his coaches coach in ST... lots of smiles in Lucy right now.

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