Shelving of Moviel Changes Rotations


Scott Moviel is on the shelf until earliest June, so Mets coaches are re-writing names on the big board.

Naturally, this does not affect either Buffalo or Binghamton.

The AAA board right now has Tobi Stoner, Jon Niese, Bobby Parnell, Freddy Garcia,
Nelson Figueroa, and Adam Bostick on it. pending any promotions to Queens.

The B-Mets have Dillon Gee, Mike Antonini, Dylan Owen, Jake Ruckle and Eric Niesen.

Lucy had on it's board 6 possible starters: Bradley Holt, Moviel, Brant Rustich, Elvin Ramirez, Angel Calero, and Chris Schwinden, so the obvious change would just to remove Moviel and keep all the other planned moves in place.

Does that mean the Sand Gnats board will remain some combination of Mark Cahoon,
Eric Beaulac, Michael Olmstead, Scott Shaw, Jenrry Mejia, and Phillips Orta?

My guess right now is Shaw will go to Lucy, Rustich goes to the pen, and Orta just goes... but we'll see.


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