How "We" Looking?

Just my opinon, in no particular order...

-Jonathan Niese looks like he's doing everything he can to win a rotational spot. It also doesn't hurt that some of the guys he's competing against haven't looked that good.

-I think we should all start to take Bobby Parnell more serious, not as a potential starter, but definitely as part of this year's pen.

-one of the surprsies of the camp so far has been C Josh Thole, who is doing everythig asked of him, even playing a few innings.

-it's almost time to start worrying about Johan Santana.

-I think Nick Evans will start the season in Buffalo, but, frankly, he's doing all the right things to earn a roster spot.

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Almost. If you will take ( off of the front of the sentence and place the sentence before the
of the spot I showed you it should work.

-don't forget Nelson Figueroa, especially if Garcia, Stokes, and Redding don't come around.

-while you're at it, don't forget about Livan either.

-star of the camp so far is Luis Castillo, if for no other reason than his hard work and dedication.

-Ya know, there's a good chance Jose will hit 25 yardballs this year.

-you simply can't pick up our closer.


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