Apologies to Figgy,,,

I wrote something yesterday while I was running around, trying to get as much information as I could about the game.

I had missed the first inning that Nelson Figueroa had pitched, but was present for his second inning, which wound up with bases loaded.

A little while later, I thought I saw him come out of the locker room and walk over to an SUV, get in, and get the hell out of Dodge early.

I was wrong.

It was not Nelson Figueroa. Might have been Angel Pagan, but, in looking back, I not only painted a picture that something might be wrong, but I didn't even have the right player.

So, that's why I wrtie for a Savannah newspaper, not the Wall Street Journal.

My apologies to Nelson.



hdarvick said...

Actually, the first inning Figgy pitched (the 3rd inning of the game) ended with one out and the bases loaded - it was stopped because of the pitch count. That's what you saw. What you didn't see is that when Figgy went to the mound in the 4th, he retired Anderson, Murphy, and Beltran in order, Beltran on a called strike three.

Mack said...


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