Minor Thoughts on Monday


1. Have you read this story about ex-Mets minor leaguer Alex Merricks and Tony B: http://nybaseballdigest.com/?p=13229. Look, this issue is no longer whether Mr. B is right or wrong. This is a bad year for a troubled team and no one needs this kind f shit going down in the locker rooms right now. Come on guys… cut fish. (update… they cut fish…)

2. Savannah C Luis Allen was placed on the DL.

3. I’m having a hard time focusing on all this tonight after watching the Omar press conference. I can’t believe I saw what I saw. The Mets fired a rhino and all of a sudden it’s Adam Rubin’s fault. Even worse, I’m now reading bloggers saying that Omar was the good guy and Rubin is at fault somehow, This is crazy. One is the GM of the Mets. The other writes a blog. How in the hell can Rubin be responsible for the personality (or lack of it) of a bully? (shaking head and moving on…)

4. It sure looks like Kyle Snyder has moved into the Buffalo rotation, which is fine with me, especially since there isn’t anyone in Binghamton that deserves a bump up right now.

5. I didn’t realize it but SS Ruben Tejada is the 2nd youngest player in AA. So, what if this kid hits, like .300 this year, and the Mets go into the off-season and there’s a chance to snag a top-line SP3 to go along with a top-line SP-3 they snag through FA. Would you trade Jose Reyes for a front-line pitching staff?

6. Remember RP Josh Appel? H ehad a relatively successful career going in the Mets minor league system but was traded at the end of the 2007 season for ex-2nd round pick C Frankie Henriquez. Well I head fro Josh told who brought me up to date on what he’s been doing: “Hi Mack. . After being traded to the Astros at the end of 2007 I had a pretty up and down 2008 which ended in me getting released towards the end of August. Shortly after that I was offered to sign with the Reds and some other independent teams. I declined as I had accepted a job with Sterling Equities in their Real Estate Private Equity fund. I have been working there for about a year now.” It’s good to see an ex-Met do good. Remember Josh, once a Met, always a Met.

7. SS Wilmer Flores is up to .280 now. 17-years old. Amazing.


Unknown said...

Good to see in the picture that you have up another old met Josevic Medina, a really good guy. Just had to add that in.

Mack Ade said...

Thanks, mate.

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