Minor Thoughts - Trades, Abbott, Gagg, Camerena


1. 2008 draftee P Cole Abbott has been cleared to pitch on August 17. I asked him if it would be for the GCL Mets: "Yes, I'll just pitch down here in the GCL, I'm sure. I'll only get in like 3 games, mainly getting ready for spring next year." Write this name down folks. Abbott was a late round draft pick a year ago, only because most teams considered him unsignable. He was originally projected as a high round pick.

2. My sources told me that the Mets turned down C Victor Martinez for P Jenry Mejia and P Brad Holt. I’m surprised they would do that. Martinez is 30-yrs old, is hitting .284/.368/.464/.832, with 15 home runs and 67 RBIs.

3. RP Bobby Gagg is working his way through the system post haste. He made three appearances for the GCL team (0.00), then five for K-Port (1.80). Now, he’s pitching for Brooklyn (2.0-IP, 0.00). At this rate, he’ll be in the Hall of Fame by mid-August.

4. Look, if nothing happens in the next 18 hours, and with Brian Schneider coming up lame again, could it really hurt to have Josh Thole back up Omir Santos for the rest of the year? There’s no rushing here, just experience, that’s all. Brian won’t be back, Omar isn’t enough, and we might as well get a good look at Josh before the off-season FA market.

5. It’s sort of getting obvious that SP Angel Calero is not going to make the conversion from A to A+ ball… now 1-8, with a 4.75 ERA

6. Can’t do better than DSL SP Marcos Camerena… 7-0, 1.53, 2.09 OBA… err… Mr. Visa man…

7. Well, the trade deadline has come and gone and there are no new Mets today. That’s fine with me. Sometimes, the best deal is the one you don’t make and I’d be curious to know who the Mets offered for 1B Adam LaRoche. There was little chance of getting any top pitcher. The simply truth is the Mets are currently light in AAA/AA prospects, and what they do have, many are on the DL. I am happy with the upgrade in RF, though it’s still debatable if the Mets consider Frenchie a long term investment.


Asher's Dad said...

Mack .... isn't this the same Cole Abbott who pitched badly for the GCL Mets in '07?

And where has he been since then?

Mack said...

Yes... he's been on the shelf for almost two years... big time prospect out of Utah

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