Q&A With Mack

Joe Labbadia asked: Any time table on when Jenrry Mejia is going to pitch again? How serious is this finger problem?

Mack: The Mets are really hush hush on Mejia right now. I don't think there is an injury, but I can't prove that. I think they have simply shut him down, which is strange in itself since he has only pitched 72.0 innings this year. I wouldn't worry about it. None of the Mets teams, including Queens, are going anywhere and none of the top 4 prospects (Martinez, Niese, Holt, Mejia) are going to be traded for some rent-a-player. I've watched Jennry pitch 20+ times... he's a real talent. Easily the nastiest of the Mets pitching prospects. Reminds me a little of an ex-Met prospect, Maikel Cleto. I don't expect the Mets to rush him, unless they convert him to an RP (which some people in the loop feel will happen). The Mets will never promote two kids in any rotation during the same year and Niese is the 2010 promotee, while Holt would be next in line for 2011.

Tony asked: Mack, you cover the Sand Gnats. How many prospects we have down there?

Mack: In my opinion, right now, three. The top one is SS Wilmer Flores. He’s hitting over .280 when you and I, at the same age, were in our junior year in high school. I look for him to become the full time Mets first baseman by 2013 latest. Second, would be SP Robert Carson, followed closely by Jeurys Familia They both need to prove they can handle three more levels, but right now, they are true prospects.

Joe asked: I am having a hard time believing this Halliday rumor. If i was Omar I would do that trade in a flat second. We would keep Holt and Mejia, who i believe have much higher upsides than Niese. I am really excited about Flores and would not trade him. As far as Tejada, although an interesting prospect he is a slick fielding/light-hitting guy. The only reason you don't trade him is if you expect to trade Reyes over the next year. Parnell is a nice arm, but really lacks consistent secondary stuff to be a starter. You can fill a bullpen role through FA over the winter. F-Mart's string of injuries really concern me. I am also very underwhelmed by his bat on the major league level. Am i being to harsh??

Mack: The Halliday supposed trade request was all spin and 100% bullshit. First of all, his team isn't telling anyone what they want. They are only in the "tell me what you will offer" mode. The Mets can't reject an offer from a team that never made the request. Don't know why an upper level Mets beat reporter would write something like this. I'm a firm believer of what Steve Phillips told Omar when he hired him: "Prospects will get you fired". There are 9 Mets minor league teams, with a minimum of 25 players on each. I have an excel sheet on the entire system and show at least 250 players on teams, in extended, or on the DL. All you want out of this each year is around 2 players to grow into your parent team. Secondly, you don't draft or sign international free agents by position need. You pick who you feel has the highest ceiling, with the most tools, or, if he has already played three years in the minors, you choose him for his hitting prowess, K/IP ratio, etc. Large market teams operate differently than the others. They know they will be able to add to their team each year in the free agent market. The Mets will clear around $40+mil this off season off their payroll, pay out around $9mil in salary increases, and have $31mil/yr to dish out for any combination of SP2, 1B, OF, or C they want. And trust me, if they can get the player they want at two of those positions, like Santana, no one is safe in the minors.

Stacy and SteveWilson wrote: Hey Mack: I was wondering what do starters do between starts. I was wondering what kind of weight work, how much running, treadmill, etc. Do you know there full between start routine?

Mack: Boy, what a great question. Guys, I sort of know what they do, but I don't know the exact drill. Tell ya what... I'll spend some time with SP Robert Carson, and the Sand Gnats trainer and see if I can get you the exact routine. One thing I can tell ya... I know exactly where the night before SP is the night after he pitched... he's sitting behind me running the radar gun on the next SP...


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