From Meet The Matts: P Chris Young A Met


We just received a phone call from our guy that Chris Young is coming to the NY Metropolitans. Chris, who went to Princeton, told our guy’s buddy – who went to Princeton with him – that he is indeed joining the National League Club in Flushing, NY. He is 6 feet 10 inches (2.08 m), which makes him, along with former pitchers Eric Hillman and Randy Johnson and current pitcher Andrew Sisco of the New York Yankees organization, the second tallest player in baseball history, next to free agent relief pitcher Jon Rauch (6 feet 11 inches (2.11 m)). With the 6’7″ Mike Pelfrey and the 6’4″ Jonathan Neise, the Mets now have a decent backcourt, if not a decent starting rotation! You heard it here first!



David Rubin said...

I received a similar email, so I'm guessing we'll hear the confirmation some time over the next day or so.
That makes our off-season additions so far:
Pedro Beato
DJ Carrasco
Taylor Bucholz
Chris Capuano
Chris Young
Brad Emaus
Chin-Lung Hu
Ronny Paulino

Sum Cost: (app) $8,000,000 for 8 players- not too bad!!

I posted about getting Young right after the season ended, back in October, as I felt then, and still feel now, that he was the best gamble when taking into style of pitching and ballpark, a similar situation for him from his best days with San Diego.

Could we actually have a stronger rotation in terms of depth for a change, with Capuano, Young & Gee fighting for spots until Johan comes back? The answer is "YES!!"

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