Draft Notes 5-17-12 – Spencer Kieboom, Carlos Correa, Ross Stripling


We talked about Spencer Kieboom’s 3-run homer against Florida last weekend. He got in touch with us and took us through the at bat, as best as he could remember:

"I can’t remember every pitch exactly but I can remember thinking I had ball 4 before I hit the home run. I also remember seeing the pitch out of his hand and knowing it had some sink on it so I went down to get it and made good contact with the pitch. Next thing I knew I was looking at the umpire because I thought he may have caught it but it went out. It was an interesting game and a great series against a solid team."

Carlos Correa - SS - Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, PR - The only real downside with Correa is that while he currently has enough range for shortstop, he'll probably outgrow the position. Already 6-foot-4 close to 200 pounds, Correa will probably have to shift to third base in the not too distant future. A move to third won't wreck his value since his bat could easily withstand the transfer down the defensive spectrum and he has the tools to be a really good defender at the hot corner. Guys who can stay on the left side of the infield and hit in the middle of the order are rare birds. Correa shouldn't make it out of the top five selections in the draft.

Tall, wide well developed shoulders; not projectable - Delivery fairly well in sync; not all that fluid with a bit of effort involved - Shortish arm action; delivers ball from an overhand arm slot - Fastball delivered on a steep downward plane with some arm side run - Fastball is not overpowering but has heavy ground ball qualities - Change has steady drop and good downward plane - ction is fairly significant and blends in well with the fastball; good deception - Change has some swing and miss abilities - 12-6 curve ball with a lot of depth; not overly powerful - Curve has good steep break that he buries in the dirt well; arm slot and height helps pitch - Curve ball keeps its shape well when thrown in or out of the zone - Disguises his off speed pitches well - Pounds the bottom half of the zone and shows good command of all of his pitches - Moves pitches around the zone well and works very efficiently - Mixes pitches effectively and cruised through hitters - Works very quickly

Kevin Gausman

I definitely just caught myself dancing while packing haha very efficient and fast though!

Ben Badler -

Scout on Byron Buxton: "This guy is better than McCutchen. He's probably the best player I've scouted."


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