GORSKI, ANYONE?  by Tom Brennan

As the Mets look to replace Matt Harvey in the rotation, and Logan Verrett has not been impressive (in fact 0-6, 6.14 in his last 15 games), what are the minor league alternatives internally?

Sean Gilmartin?  Kinda shaky lately.   Well, he's 7-2 in his last 10 starts, but with a 5.49 ERA over that span.

Gabe Ynoa?  Gone from early season ace to BP pitcher. 

Rafael Montero?  A deteriorating 7.20 ERA is all you need to know.

How about Darin Gorski?

Darin has returned to the Vegas team strongly, posting a 3-1, 3.65 mark through 4 starts, the last 3 being his strongest of the 4.

Career-wise, he excelled up to AA, but AAA was his speed bump, as it is for so many - prior to this year, Gorski had tossed 198 innings for Vegas, with a 13-12 record and a 5.36 ERA.

I am more and more convinced that pitching in Vegas adds 2 runs per game to one’s ERA (heck, the team’s pitchers are allowing 6.2 RPG), so Darin has actually fared pretty well in Vegas (now 16-13) and could be the short term answer.

If it were me, I’d go with Gilmartin, but it is good to know there is at least another half way viable in-house alternative in the minors in Gorski.


Thomas Brennan said...

I guess the lack of responses on this reflects a lack of fan interest in Mr. Gorski right now. But Logan Verrett is not the answer. We need a better answer.

Reese Kaplan said...

Soft tossing lefties are seldom given chances. Gorski had not just good but BRILLIANT numbers in AA. In the majors we talk about the Coors Field effect on pitchers and hitters stats. You've hit the nail on the head regarding the silo of salt with which you have to evaluate AAA numbers. Of course, part of the issue is mental toughness and whether or not the pitchers themselves can understand what's happening as a result of the altitude and dry air. Rafael Montero could not. Maybe this time around Darin Gorski can.

Thomas Brennan said...

Of course, Gorski's last game was in Iowa, which helps since the launching pad effect is absent at low altitude and normal humidity.

Pirates, BTW, are rueful of having selected Jon Niese, who despite being 7-6, has of late pitched ERA-wise like Logan Verrett. We could probably reacquire Niese cheap. I'd rather see Gorski - don't ask me why.

BTW #2, I would immediately demote Montero - after all, they demoted Conforto - it might get Montero restarted. What if, after demotion to AA, he tossed 8 starts in AA to a 2.00 ERA? He'd be out of the Vegas Nightmare and could be useful in September.

bill metsiac said...

Good call, Tom. 6 IP at AA tonight, only 1 ER, and a W.

I wouldn't touch Niese, even if the Pirates ate most of his contract. Pitching aside, his comments about his teammates letting him down with the bats AND the gloves while with the Mets can only disrupt the clubhouse if he returns.

Thomas Brennan said...

Yep, Bill, I had no idea Raffie was going to AA, just what he needed. One or two more top notch outings, maybe he'll get a call up

Thomas Brennan said...

Yep, Bill, I had no idea Raffie was going to AA, just what he needed. One or two more top notch outings, maybe he'll get a call up

Thomas Brennan said...

Bill, I was pleasantly surprised at demoting Raffie to AA, and he excelled. One or two more like that, he might be ready for call up.

They'll probably sign Niese anyway.

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