Desmond Lindsay Sighting

Last year's 2nd rounder out of high school, Desmond Lindsay, finally got into what was presumably a rehab game for the GCL Mets yesterday.
He managed just a walk to go with 2 strikeouts, but it is good to see someone finally return from the injured list.  Maybe he can get 2 months in this year, and be ready for full season ball next year.
What else?
Zach Wheeler?  We're still waiting. Apparently he has nerve pain in the healthy reconstructed elbow joint.  My guess is it is something he could pitch with right now, but each day for him is one day closer to when he can ultimately become a free agent.  If I were him, I'd look at Harvey's travails and think to myself that I am a high risk arm, and if I can just be healthy when free agency arrives, I can cash in big, so (just speculating), I think he is being super cautious.
Lefty Tom Szapucki, who reportedly can hit 97 on the gun, is killing it in Kingsport: 0.42, 38 Ks in 21 IP in Kingsport.  One to watch.
Another is lefty 19 year old teammate Max Wotell.  Max got touched up a bit late in his last start, but the control issues he showed in his brief pro cameo last year seem to have been alleviated.  In 26 pro innings, he has fanned 32 and allowed just 13 hits.  Don't stand too close to Mad Max, though - 6 hit batters already.
That's it - writer's fatigue has set in.  Have a great day.


Robb said...

Wheeler definitely wants back out there. The thing about being injured in any sport is the moment you feel like its good to go or almost good to go, at least for me, my mind starts telling my body go go go. ive never had arm injuries, but for legs when you are allowed to run again, you just want to go run so bad.

Hey Desmond Lindsey!

Tom Brennan said...

Desmond has to change his initials from DL...maybe to DM...those work pretty good for the Irish Thunderbolt Daniel Murphy.

Reese Kaplan said...

Unlike Travis d'Arnaud -- TD -- Temporarily Disabled

Tom Brennan said...

Amazing - the one game on July 11, not in a game since

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