SMITH ON FIRE by Tom Brennan

SMITH ON FIRE by Tom Brennan

Let's be honest, Dominic Smith was plodding along with a low power, low average season through June 23.  Made me start to think perhaps he was another bad Mets pick, hitting just .259 with 4 homers through that date. 

Somebody must have walked up to him and said, "hey, Smitty, my lad, you turned 21 last week, you're on the clock now", because he hit a homer on June 24 and now has 8 homers and 24 RBIs over his past 23 games, while raising his average 35 points to .294, going 34 for 86 (.395) over that stretch.  Hey, his 67 RBIs on the year aren't shabby neither...on his way to 100.

No doubt, he has been energized by the stupendous AA debut of 20 year old Amed Rosario hitting in front of him, coincidentally, for 23 games, during which he has hit a mighty fine .379 and scored 20.  Rosario has a superb 54 RBIs this full season to go along with his overall .327 average for 2016.

Two future stars.

On a closing note, Belfast-born PJ Conlon lost last night, a rarity which happens when your team scores ZERO.  PJ allowed just 1 run (one too many, sadly), and is now 11-2, 1.93, 1.01 on the season.  Quite a season.  Amazing.


Ernest Dove said...

I believe I know a guy who never stopped praising Dom and his power and him being a stud regardless of the numbers. ........
Smart dude ;)

Thomas Brennan said...

I think that prescient guy has to be you, Ernest....how are you doing?

I am doing low frills, 20 minute articles these days, and then getting on with life.

Have you been doing any writing lately?

Ernest Dove said...

Im still living in toddlerland at home watching plenty of cartoons.
I hadn't written in like a month but I called out sick yesterday from work (cough cough) and went to st lucie to watch the Lucie mets play MORNING BASEBALL.

So I wrote about it :)

Thomas Brennan said...

Cool, Ernest (sniffle, sniffle)

Hobie said...

I note that Pete Alonso is off to a decent pro-debut in Brooklyn:

.886 OPS, 4 2B & 2HR, 7K & 5 BB in 42 AB (11G)

Thomas Brennan said...

So far, so good on Alonso, and Desmond Lindsay frustratingly only has 15 plate appearances this year, but been on base in 9 of them, so hopefully he is ready for a good 6 remaining weeks

Reese Kaplan said...

Tell him to call Wilmer Flores and ask what it's like not playing

Reese Kaplan said...

Tell him to call Wilmer Flores and ask what it's like not playing

Adam Smith said...

Dom Smith is finally coming into his own. Hey, he's 21 years old, what took him so long?

Alonso's start is encouraging. If he keeps this up, should start next season in St. Lucie.

Rosario may not be a .380 hitter for real, but certainly the lights have come on for the kid. And those lights are very, very bright. I'm hoping that he makes it very difficult to keep him in Vegas early next year.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam, some guys like Amed come on very quickly, hopefully he busts right thru,

Reese, Wilmer went to the team doctor today to get splinters removed from the tookas.

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