TRAVIS Taijeron may have been an 18th round pick, but play him everyday and he is a TOP TEN kind of a guy.

  In 77 games, Travis has a staggering 32 doubles.  Pause and appreciate that amazing number, which is 7 more than his closest PCL adversary.

Where else is Travis in the Top Ten in the PCL?

47 extra base hits - tied for first

66 RBIs - 3rd

56 Runs - 4th

.563 slug % - 7th

Strikeouts (alas) - 100 - 2nd

He also is in the Top 20 in homers (12), batting average(.306), and on base percentage (.389).

So congratulations on a fabulous first half of 2016, and may the strikeout rate improve.  It is all that is keeping Travis out of the bigs right now.


Reese Kaplan said...

What's keeping him out of the big leagues is the fact he's not on the 40-man roster.

Tom Brennan said...

See him in September, I guess. Strikeouts and all, I wonder if at this point, he might be as good or better than Grandy overall.

Hobie said...

And what's keeping him(& TJR) off the 40-man is De Aza, Grandy, Ty Kelly & Soup.

eraff said...

Val Pascucci...The Sequel

Tom Brennan said...

Hobie, deAza, Kelly, and Soup can go today. Get Taijeron on the 40, and Rivera too.

Granderson a lot more complicated case, but if I were them, if Nimmo continues to look good, when Conforto is ready to come back, really need to think about if it is time to move Grandy. Eat whatever salary you have to.

It is a young man's game. Just consider that Granderson at age 26 had twenty three triples and stole 26 of 27, and hit .302. A young star

in 2016, 13 homers, but only 22 RBIs in 320 plate appearances? That is weird. He is hitting .180 when there are 1 or 2 outs; that screams an inability to be clutch.

Just 24 runs as a lead off hitter other than the 13 scored on homers? Pretty bad. He is a shell of his former self, and getting older by the day.

That Adam Smith said...

Granderson was fool's gold last year, and should have been moved while his value was as high as it would ever be again. He's not going to get any better next season either, so sooner or (as is more likely with the Mets) later, you need to at least get him out of the starting lineup. I don't care what they're paying him. Right now, Lagares should be starting over him (yes, even against righties.). Lagares has done nothing but produce since the tail end of last season, and his defense is a huge asset.

Tom Brennan said...

Adam, I agree. So, if Nimmo continues to produce (he might) and Conforto straightens out soon, and Lagares is healthy, and Cespedes is Cespedes, then Grandy should be the 5th OF. No matter his salary.

giorgio.mets said...

Call up Travis, Call down De Aza, Call up Reyes when hes ready, and call down Matt Reynolds

Anthony Carnacchio said...

Quit it with the granderson bashing, was the teams mvp last season before YO. Veteran bat whose going to come through in big spots this year

Tom Brennan said...

Giorgio, I'd like to see a Taijeron call up, but his strikeouts are his Achilles still.

Anthony, Grandy was special the 2nd half of last year. Maybe he still has something in the tank. If Nimmo and TDA can hit, maybe pressure comes off Grandy and we Will see the late 2015 Grandy again in the 2nd half.

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