A great article in the NY Post today about budding SS star Amed Rosario...give it a read.

Another Mets prospect SS, Gavin Cecchini, continues meanwhile to hit very well in AAA after a slow season's start. He is hitting .375 after a 10 for 55 season's start, spanning 176 at bats.

But is he a shortstop?

Gavin has made 26 errors in 56 games at short this year.

Asdrubal Cabrera for the Mets, by contrast, has made just 3 in 77 games.

An enormous differential.

Which leads me to 2 speculative conclusions.

1) Cecchini just is not able to physically play SS.


2) The errors have gotten in his head.

I don't know which, maybe both, but I would let him DH or play in the outfield.  Why reinforce fielding failure?

Give him a break ... his offense has been strong.  Guys' offense suffers when they have fielding issues. Let's see if he can hit .400 with the fielding pressure removed.  At least that's my thought.

Maybe return him to SS next year.


Reese Kaplan said...

Trade bait

Scott said...

Dude,is this you?

bill metsiac said...

Rock hard infield in Vegas.

Stubby said...

Errors in the minor leagues, as a number, can be made too much of. Keep in mind that minor league fields are not so meticulously groomed and maintained as we're used to in major league ball. As always, I prefer these decisions be made by people who see these players everyday--who are in a position, as we are not, to know how many of those errors are really errors. If you're throwing the ball from short into the stands, that's a problem. If you miss a few bad hop grounders, no big deal, certainly not dispositive. Ozzie Smith, in his lone minor league season, made 23 errors in 65 games. In his rookie season, the following year, he made 25 in 2 and a half times as many games. Did he suddenly get that much better? Or was he suddenly playing on better fields with better lighting, etc.? Some scouts I've read think Rosario projects more as a third baseman. We'll see. We've got several prospects at short and I'm not in the mood to trade any of them until we find "the one". 'Cuz you start trading guys before you're settled, that's how you end up with year after year of Ruben Tejada and Omar Quintanilla.

Unknown said...

Baseball's a funny game. Just when we thought the sky is falling after the Nats 3 game sweep and the OMG the Cub's are coming in moment and then we sweep em in spectacular fashion. Who better for a serious ass kicking than the Cub's but of course let's keep the ball rolling. As if that's not enough the article about Rosario and the 2 HR 4 for 4 game for Smith and it's a happy July 4th weekend for me and hopefully all of you.

Tom Brennan said...

It is a funny game. Great weekend. I will try to avoid looking at Gavin error totals. And focus only on his bat.

Tom Brennan said...


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