Before the season, you would have figured if one of the starting 5 went down, Rafael Montero would slot right in.

Could anyone have imagined, though, that when Harvey became that guy to go on the DL, Montero would have, in his last 8 outings, allowed a ghastly 41 earned runs in 36 innings?  What on earth has happened to poor Raffie?

7.20 ERA this season...time to try something else. Bullpen in Vegas for Montero?  A breather in AA?

Hey, and that guy Michael Fulmer is outpitching the world (9-2, 2.11). At least we have a starting All Star OF in Cespedes in return.

Have a great day....train pulling in.


IB said...

With Wheeler struggling to get healthy, Harvey on the DL (how long?)
Montero stinking it up, it makes resigning Colon look brilliant.

But, that 5th starter spot...dunno

Tom Brennan said...

IB, Verrett will probably be tapped to start, but he is historically bad, as I have noted often, in giving up long balles in the minors. Don't be surprised if the Nats go bombs away on him this weekend.

Wheeler, oh Wheeler, where have you gone? Beck Wheeler is saying, "If you're looking for a Wheeler, I'm right here." Beck has a case to make - in his last 10 outings, 10.2 IP and 20 Ks. Just one not-so-good outing in that span. In other words, a little better than Raffie.

Unknown said...

What about giving lugo a start?

Tom Brennan said...

Lugo was also homer prone in his minor league career - Verrett seems to be more deserving. Lugo should be left in the pen where he has had recent success.

Where is Zach Wheeler when we need him?

Reese Kaplan said...

Why is it that the entirety of 2015 is overlooked because Sean Gilmartin had two bad appearances from the pen in 2016?

I'll tackle the question of internal and external options vis a vis Mr. Harvey's injury on Saturday morning.

Hobie said...

My (off the wall) suggestion:

Harvey's next 4 starting slots filled (in some order) by Verrett, Gilmartin, Montero & Ynoa. After each start the SP is returned to AAA in favor of an 8th RP.