Just a note for full disclosure. 
About 3 weeks back, I wrote that I was stopping my articles for Macks Mets.  Too many other life priorities, not enough time to do lengthy, comprehensive minors updates. 
Then I decided to try, try again, with a new M.O.:

If can write an article in 20 minutes or less, why not?
So that is what I decided to do.
This one is about 2 guys in the Mets minors who are worth focusing on:
Wuilmer Becerra and David Thompson.
Both have had injuries this year, Becerra's limiting him to 13 games in the field, with a trip to the DL, and Thompson also having an extended trip to the DL.
Becerra got off to an astonishing 36 for 85 (.424) start with St Lucie, but then I am guessing the injury began to impact him as he went just 20 for 102 after that - but then in the last 3 games, he erupted, going 10 for 15 with 7 ribbies, hitting with such success that WB MUST be feeling better. 
Thru Wednesday, he is sitting at .335 despite the injury, good enough to lead the league by 26 points. He does eschew the base on balls with just 9 in 52 games, but he can clearly hit.  His power has amped a bit lately, though he has just a single homer so far.
David Thompson actually has missed 20 of the Fireflies' 77 games or he'd truly have eye-popping RBI stats. 
The 3rd baseman and 4th rounder in 2015 has a superb 56 RBIs in 57 games.  That leads the league by 6 RBIs, despite all the missed games. Incredible.
While the rest of his stat line is not other-worldly, it is quite good: .296/.346/.484, and he has hit a splendid .384 with runners in scoring position. 
Maybe he is David Wright's heir apparent.
My 20 minutes are up.  See ya. 


eraff said...

Why is Thompson still at Low A...a fairly accomplished college bat (at a hi levelk Miami Program), he'll be 23 in a Month.

He's past the "warm-in" period for young guys...he belongs elswhere---upward

Thomas Brennan said...

Agree, Irena blocking him, but shouldn't. I'd like to see Thompson taste AA this year.

Thomas Brennan said...

That is, Urena is blocking him.

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