I did an article the other day about the miserable support the Mets have given "What's Wrong With" Matt Harvey (answer: nothing) over his 81 starts, that have left him with a mediocre 29-28 career mark and 24 NDs despite a 2.88 ERA and tons of Ks. 

He is not alone in Queens.

Wonderful pitcher Jake deGrom, despite a 3.12 ERA over his last 10 starts spanning 63 innings, and a K per inning, is a painful 0-4 with 6 NDs in those 10 starts.  Not...a...single...win. 

Some guys, though, have all the luck.  Yankee great Whitey Ford was 25-4, but with a higher 3.21 ERA, in 1961 - an ERA that of course would have been even higher had he had to face his own thundering teammates.  Jake, however, lacks the good fortune of being able to pitch against his inept teammates.

Time for Jake and Matt to sue in family court for non-support...because the Mets aren't giving them any.


Reese Kaplan said...

I'd like to go back to my familiar refrain and put the blame on the inept manager but this year he's not nearly the magnitude of problem that he's been in the past. OF course, the rash of injuries has forced him to play people he might otherwise bench, so that accounts for a lot of it. Still, to be fair to the beleaguered Skipper, we need more than Gilligans to get off this island.

Tom Brennan said...
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Tom Brennan said...

Hopefully, Reyes who hit for Rockies' AAA team early in June, but is 1 for 17 since Mets signed him, is almost ready. We need HELP offensively. Last night's comeback was SO unexpected.

Tom Brennan said...

Nice - 2 early homers for the Jake man. That's more like it. Loney is making us say, "Lucas WHO?"

Tom Brennan said...

A BREAK FOR JAKE night at Citifield. Great to see smiles from JAKE and Nimmo last night

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