Tom Brennan: How are Mets Rookie Teams Doing?


Tom Brennan: How are Mets Rookie Teams Doing?

The Mets have three rookie ball teams - Brooklyn Cyclones; Kingsport Mets (Appl.); and St Lucie's GCL Mets.

I'd sure like to see: pitchers fanning a ton of guys, & hitters evidencing burgeoning power and irrepressible hitting.

Well, through Thursday, how are these short season teams doing; are the live arms fanning tons of guys; guys wielding bats hitting a ton; or what? 

Who is pitching like they are going places fast? 

Who can't they keep off base, and is hitting like the dickens?

I don't have a goose, but let's take a gander and see:

Brooklyn (4-12, .226 BA, .338 OP%, 3 HR, 5.89 ERA)

Hitters Hitting:

Quinn Brody, 3rd Rd, OF: 9 G, .290/.410/.323

Matt Winaker, 5th Rd, 1B: slow start, but 5 hits in his last 2 games raised his average to .265/.375/.294 in 9 games.

Reed Gamache, 3B (undrafted): 15 G, .283/.409/.321

Struggling? 18th Rd OF Carl Stadjuhar is 3 for 28 with 16 Ks; 16th Rd. SS Dylan Snypes is 3 for 16 with 10 Ks (5 BBs)

The Cyclones have just 3 HRs: the league-leading team? 18!

Pitchers Pitching:

Tony Dibrell, 4th Rd: righty with 3 IP, 3 R, 2 HR, 0 BB, 4 K

Trey Cobb, 8th Rd: righty has thrown 4 IP with 2 H, 0 R, 4 K

Cannon Chadwick, 9th Rd: righty with 3 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 3 K

RHP Nick Debora: 23 year old, 9.1 IP, 13 Ks, 1.93 ERA.

The 13-2 Yankee squad has a 2.23 ERA vs. Brooklyn's 5.89!!
Much of the reason why is Jake Simon, Darwin Ramos, Joe Napolitano, and Gunnar Kines have allowed 50 runs in 50 IP.

KINGSPORT METS ( 5-8 , .281 BA, .368 OP%, 6 HR)

Mets hitting well, but 3 other teams have 17 or more HRs. And the Yankees' squad is 11-4.

Hitters Hitting:

Jeremy Vasquez, 28th Rd, 1B: .344/.511/.500 in 10 games!

Rigoberto Terrazas, 3B: 13 G, .333/.410/.392

Juan Uriarte, C: 11 G, .318/.404/.568, 11 RBIs, just 5 Ks

Anthony Dirochie, RF: 12 G, .255/.333/.529, 14 RBI. 20 Ks!

Pitchers Pitching:

LHP Aaron Ford: 21st Rd, lefty has thrown 3 perfect IP, 6Ks 

Other 2017 draftees yet to allow a run: Ryan Selmer, Steve Villines, & Joshua Payne (combined 7.1 IP, 10 H, 1 BB, 7K).

Yeudy Colon is showing much better control in 2017, with 7 IP, 2 SV, 1 BB, 10 K, 1.29 ERA.

GCL METS  (3-6 , .274 BA,  .332 OP%,  Zero HRs)

The Yankees have 2 GCL teams, combined 11-7. 

So the Yankee's rookie league teams are a combined 35-13, the Mets' rookie teams are a combined 12-26...really???!!!!!

Hitters Hitting:

Guillermo Granadillo, CF: 17 for 37, .459. 20 year old has 3 doubles, 2 triples, 3 BBs, 5 Ks, 4 of 5 in steals.  Hoo-wee!!

Hansel Moreno, 3B: the 6'4", 180 switch hitting 20 year old is 16 for 36 (.444), 8 RBI, 3 of 4 steals, 4 BBs, 6 Ks. Woohoo!

Kenny Bautista, OF: 8 for 23 so far for the 19 year old 6'3", 220 righty hitting 23rd rounder from 2015.

Mark Vientos, SS: .190 so far, but he is also 17 until December.  Plenty of time for the 2nd rounder.

Pitchers Pitching:

Jaison Vilera, RHP: 2 starts, 11 IP, 4 hits, a walk and 10 Ks.

Daison Acosta, RHP: 18 year old, 6'3" 170 righty has 2 fine starts, 12.1 IP, 12 K, 2 ER.  The Jaison and Daison Duo.

Dedniel Nunez - 21 year old righty skipped the DSL, starting his career in the GCL.  17 Ks in 13 IP, and a 3.38 ERA so far.

That's it for now.  I am all rookie-d out.  I "kid" you not.

While it is early, suffice it to say:

Rookie ball hitting has largely been a weak point; the Mets seem to avoid drafting/signing power bats like the plague. 

Rookie ball pitching (long a strength especially for the Cyclones in years past) is largely absent, particularly in the starters, this year.  May it soon change.


Adam Smith said...

I haven't added them up, but the combined W-L record franchise-wide is more than a little disturbing. This is NOT a good farm system, Rosario and Smith notwithstanding. The glow of a nice 10 week run in 2015 has worn off, and I'm about done with the Anderson era.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam, the Yanks' NYP affiliate is 14-2, while Brooklyn is 4-13. Oh, brother.

Thomas Brennan said...

This post by me earlier this morning was more appropriate for this article, so I repost it:

On the topic of rookie ball, the Mets sign 24 year old Marty Anderson to pitch in Brooklyn, never having pitched in the minors.

With the Cyclones getting whipped by a far superior Yank squad, Marty gets called in. What does Marty do in his career debut?

4 scoreless, one hit allowed, TEN STRIKEOUTS. Not a typo.

Might be the best debut of a came-from-nowhere player ever.

Adam Smith said...

Has Marty Anderson had his Tommy John surgery yet? Just trying to guess at how many years we'll have to wait to see him in Queens. It's funny/not funny that the best performances in the lower levels to this point are mostly coming from very late round picks. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. But the lack of performance by nearly any of their top 10 picks of the last few years screams incompetence.

Thomas Brennan said...

True, Adam, true. My elbow ached just reading your post.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hobie, Victor Cruzado is 4 for 36 over last 10 games....sputtering

Hobie said...

Cruz control on the fritz.

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