Season's stats are one thing, but how did some key minor leaguers do in June?  Let's see.

But first, how did the teams they play on do in June?

Las Vegas: 10-18 in June, their losing ways continue, going  

31-51 through July 1.  Mind you, this is the team that Rosario, Smith, Cecchini, Plawecki, and Nimmo have played on for all or much of the year. Bad pitching with decent, but not outstanding, hitting hurts.

Binghamton: 12-16 in June, but 41-34 through July 1.  Better pitching than Vegas helps.

St Lucie: 7-17 in June, ouch.  34-42 for the year, and 1-7 in the season's 2nd half.  Except for John Mora and recently Peter Alonzo, hitters have slumped, which has hurt.  But St Lucie gets an infusion in Jordan Humphreys, Merandy Gonzalez, the return of Anthony Dimino and...Tim Tebow!

Columbia: 16-10 in June, and 43-34 season to date, largely due to the superior pitching of Merandy Gonzalez, Jordan Humphreys, and Adonis Uceta.

Brooklyn: if I asked you which of the teams, the Yanks or Mets Penn League squad, was 8-2 and which was 2-8, you'd guess Yanks are 8-2, and you'd be correct.  Brooklyn is last in hitting at .195 - not unusual since they were also last in hitting in 2015 (.220) and 2016 (.216).  It may not be the easiest park to hit in, but someone in the hierarchy is doing something wrong. 

Kingsport: 3-5 so far.  Hitting OK (.288), pitching not as good (4.09) except for new draftees.

GCL Mets: 2-3, very early.

Key Guys' June (and Season's) Stats:


Amed Rosario: .315 overall, .237/.285/.360 in June.

Dom Smith: .325 overall, .324/.385/.410 in June.

Kevin Plawecki - .310 overall, .321/.368/.593 in June.

Gavin Cecchini - .249 overall, .274/.338/.384 in June.

Victor Cruzado - .298 overall, .303/.376/.421 in June.

Phil Evans - .234 overall, .239/.264/.364 in June.

Kyle Regnault - 4-0, 0.84 split between AA and AAA. 1-0, 0.75 in 9 outings in June.  Vegas bright light.

Hansel Robles - 8.10 ERA in 13 outings YTD, most in June.

Rest of the pitchers currently on Vegas' roster has done poorly, except for Tyler Pill.

Looking at the above, no wonder Vegas is 31-51.


Kevin Taylor - .308 overall.  .338/.415/.423 in June. On DL.

Luis Guillorme - .299 overall, .320/.404/.400 in June.

Tomas Nido - .254 overall, .234/.259/.354 in June.

David Thompson - .255 overall, .307/.386/.545 in June.

Champ Stuart - .223 overall, .277/.390/.462 in June.

Chris Flexen - 3-1, 1.83 overall. 3-1, 1.69 in June.

Corey Oswalt - 5-3, 2.13 overall, 1-0, 0.66 in 14 IP in June.

Marcos Molina - 2-6, 2.45 overall. 0-3, 4.26 in June.

PJ Conlon - 5-6, 4.15 overall, and 0-3, 5.52 in June.  But 6 shutout innings in his first July start, so he is back on track.


Pat Mazeika: .291 overall, .241/.362/.291 in June.

Jhoan Urena: .294 overall, .222/.347/.370 in June.

John Mora: .269 overall, .315/.382/.435 in June.  Surging.

Wuilmer Becerra: .261 overall, 77 Ks in 71G. .243/.344/.266 in June.  A .340 slug % for the year. Regressing. Depressing.

Peter Alonso: .225 overall, .275/.352/.500 in June.  Grand slam on the first Sunday in July :)

Nabil Crismatt:  4-6, 2.70 overall, 3-4, 1.50 in 10 starts in May and June.

Justin Dunn: 4-5, 4.55 overall, 1-2, 2.75 in 20 June innings. 

Tyler Bashlor: 2-1, 3.77, 49 K in 29 IP overall, in June, 1-1, 5.59 in 9.2 IP (2 recent bad outings).

Andrew Church: 5-6, 4.83 14 starts overall.  1-3, 8.18 June. Torched also in his first July start.  My suggestion: demote him, promote Tom McIlraith, whose last 3 outings included no runs and 8 hits in 17 innings.  In contrast, in his last 17 IP in St Lucie, Church has allowed a ghastly 24 earned runs.

COLUMBIA (guys just promoted included here):

Michael Paez: .282 overall, .280/.360/.500 in June.

Tim Tebow: .231 overall, .260/.360/.365 in June.

Dash Winningham: hitting .231& 49 RBI overall.  In June,  though, .204/.264/.347.

Andres Giminez: .279/.337/.366 in 45 games, with very similar June #s.  The 18 year old is impressive.

Jordan Humphreys, Merandy Gonzalez, Adonis Uceta: simply great, and I am getting tired - no stats needed.

Overall, not too exciting a picture.  

Dog days of June perhaps?  It's ruff out there.


Anonymous said...

Gimenez has a bright future. Great hands in the field and can hit. In my opinion, he finishes the season in Columbia and starts in St Lucie next season.

Uceta continues to pitch well. Got out of a jam in the 9th last night. Gave up a single, double then had to walk the next batter to load the bases. He still managed to get outs and record the save.

Blake Taylor got his first win last night. He pitched 8 and had command. He hasn't received much run support this year so his record is misleading. He has had some command issues, but he is better than his record indicates.

Thomas Szapucki is the next Single A guy to watch. He is a lefty who looks really good on the hill. Good velocity and strikes out batters. He had some command issues in his last outing, but has been been solid overall.

Dash Winningham really needs a shot at the next level. I realize it's a business, but you have to keep guys motivated too. He was in Columbia last year and again this year. Had a pretty good year last year. Had a good spring. Made the SAL All-Star team. In reality, he should have been promoted before Tebow.

I like Sanchez behind the plate. Has work to do offensively. He has a great arm. Picked off two guys in the last week (1st and 3rd). For this reason, he has a chance to develop. Plus he is the youngest of the three. Don't sleep on him. The team has three catchers (Brocher, Rizzie and Sanchez). All have different strengths. Brocher has some pop. Rizzie probably has the best bat of the group based on the games I have watched. He played at Xavier and is the oldest. Doesn't have the pop of Brocher.

Mack Ade said...

Anon -

Word is that there actually is a good chance that Becerra will be flown to DC today instead of Taijerson. The flight from Vegas for the early game just doesn't work

Mack Ade said...

As for Dash...

put a pinstripe uniform in Duda's locker and everyone moves up.

Hobie said...

Would bump VC before either (Tyrone or Beccera) LV flights not withstanding. Agree on Duda -- Dom is on fire.

I note that Columbia's "L2" at the pre-ASBf cost them the 1st-half title and an automatic play-off slot. Tebow leaves and rakes in PSL? WTF?

Thomas Brennan said...

Great Columbia feedback, Anon.

Mack, Becerra in DC? Wild.

Smith went deep twice last night....Duds in pinstripes WOULD solve many problems.

BASHLOR had 3rd straight awful game, and Crismatt and Oswalt had rare weak starts. That is why they play the games.

Oh yeah, Tebow had a walk, double and 3 RBIs. HMMMM....beginner's luck, no doubt.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hobie, writing about Tebow (again) in a day or two.

Hobie said...

Oops, Beccera is already on the 40-man. Makes sense.

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

The only reason Beccera might get the nod is the timein air vs. the 11am start of the game

Thomas Brennan said...

Tyler Bashlor pitched very well last year, mostly great this year, with tons of strikeouts - last 3 games, though?

1.2 IP, no Ks, 9 earned runs, nine hits, 3 walks....WTF?

Anonymous said...

Many may find this hard to believe, but a manager once told me guys moving up from A to A+ often hit better. He says while the pitching is much better, the ball is around the strike zone and they see strikes more consistently. I'm sure everyone has their opinion on this one too.

Tebow is an athlete. He looks pretty good at the plate. He struggles to identify the outside strike. Take that pitch a lot. He seems to swing and miss at the inside pitch. I don't know what the scouting report says, but I would pitch him in on his hands.

He also hits the top of the ball a lot. Needs to keep working on his swing.

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