Happy 23rd birthday this weekend to Chris Flexen.  And what would be a suitable birthday gift for Flexen?

How about an immediate promotion to the Mets.

Flexen has big league stuff and a big league fastball.  He has been slowed by injuries in this year and in prior years.

After two injury-filled seasons in 2014 and 2015, Flexen threw 134 innings in 2016 and struggled with control, walking 51 batters and hitting six more.

Not this year; after having had minor knee surgery coming out of spring training, Chris has pitched in AA Binghamton. In seven outings, spanning 39 innings, he has only walked three batters while striking out 42.  A 14:1 ratio.

He has an ERA of 1.69 and a WHIP of 0.81.  In his last two starts, he has thrown 13 innings, allowed six hits and no walks, and struck out 18.  He is simply dominating

Sure, he is only pitching in AA. But he can't pitch any better than he is pitching right now, and I am starting to really wonder if he is ready for the big leagues - right now.

What say you, dear reader? If not now, why not call him up when Wheeler hits his innings limit?  He is the best high minors starter that the Mets have right now, hands down.  A 2018 rotation guy, IMO.


Thomas Brennan said...

Off subject of Flexen, but could Granderson win the NL Player of the Month, which I do not think was yet awarded for June?

MVP-like .316/.442/.711 in 26 games.

Reese Kaplan said...

You mean you would rather see Flexen flex his pitching muscles rather than Rafael Montero? :)

I'll give you a variation of that question about Granderson. Isn't it ironic that the Mets' sole representative on the All-Star Team isn't even a starter on his own club?

Mack Ade said...

strangely, I wrote something on Flexen for Thursday

I think he will DEFINITELY be ready next season, but he still needs to prove he can stay healthy

Gary Seagren said...

Reese Conforto is the perfect Met choice because he's on the DL. Now as far as Flexen is concerned can he be any worse than -fill in any name here- so as much as we all loved big sexy it would behoove us to use the players in our own system right? Promoting players that are playing well sounds like a good idea to me....oh Sandy now would be good.

Thomas Brennan said...

Gary, the Mets called Conforto up from AA and he thrived. Why not try him? Mack, look forward to your Thursday article - I remember you were a Flexen guy since he was drafted

Thomas Brennan said...

Another fine start Wednesday nite for Flexen, 2 earned runs over seven. He also has 2 hits and is 4-11 with just 2 Ks this season. Nice. Now 4-1, 1.94 in 8 starts.

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