Tom Brennan - FIFTY FOR YO?

Tom Brennan - FIFTY FOR YO?

Fifty homers in a season is a big number.

Consider that it is, however, doable for elite power hitters.

Two current locals hit 50+ last year...and one almost hit 60.   
What did these unnamed gents have in common? 

150+ games and close to 700 plate appearances each.

Perhaps you saw Yoenis Cespedes' 3 run homer on Sunday - pitch down around the knees - he hit a laser beam to left that seemed to go 475 feet.  In a heartbeat.

Elite power, quick, explosive bat.

Just like the two guys who hit 50+ last year.

The Mets season homer record is 41.  What does Cespedes need to do to tear past that paltry record and reach 50?  

Two things:

1) Hit like Yo can hit...like that rocket launched missile we saw on Sunday.  (There were no casualties, rest assured, other than the opposing pitcher, who likely said to himself, "I thought that was a good pitch."  No disagreement from Cespedes there.)

2) Start 150+ games, have 650+ plate appearances.

On #2, let me translate:

Stay healthy, and you will surely prosper.

So please, watch the running, Yo.  

No strains, no pulls.  Nice and easy does it.

Protect the legs.  

Crush lots of pitches. Crush that record.

Make it quick - Jay Bruce wants that record, too.


Reese Kaplan said...

Todd Hundley and Carlos Beltran must have a Yo voodoo doll somewhere.

Tom Brennan said...

Reese, those two are probably embarrassed to have a club record of 41 :)

Mike Freire said...

I think 50 is within reach, but perhaps a really high ceiling?

I would be happy with the games played and the at bats, figuring that the rest will take care of itself, right?

Tom Brennan said...

Mike, I think we are too programmed for Mets' offensive mediocrity. Cespedes is a special power talent - if he stays healthy, watch him go - I really think he can hit 50

bill metsiac said...

I agree with you about the "take it easy on the bases", Tom, but he'll have to deal with the inevitable "lazy, no hustle" comments from fans who don't get it.

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