Tom Brennan - LET THIS SINK IN


Tom Brennan - LET THIS SINK IN

Sometimes, you can read through something short, so fast, that the magnitude of what is being said can be passed over.

New Mets manager Mickey Calloway is considered a pitcher's manager...he surely knows his pitching stuff.

His 2017 team in Cleveland had a tremendously productive pitching staff by any measure.

With those two things in mind, when EF Hutton Calloway talks, well, we should listen carefully, right?

About the Mets pitching, he recently said this:

"This is the best group of arms and stuff I've ever seen from top to bottom.... We believe in attacking hitters. If you can be efficient, you can pitch longer."


Ever is a long time, wouldn't you agree?

He added that the team's key pen guys are committed to flexibility of roles to WIN. I'll close this game, set up in that game, 7th inning in another one. 

Exactly what you'd want from our pen dudes. Winning's job 1.

Regarding the above, I am listening carefully...I stopped to ponder...and my excitement is rising. Fast.

Hopefully, yours is too.  Let's go Mets.


Mike Freire said...

Very encouraging rhetoric coming from PSL...........in some ways, I would expect nothing less from our new manager. However, as you stated Tom, he has been around some quality pitching staffs and for him to call out our own staff as more talented is a good sign.

It all comes down to health!

Tom Brennan said...

Mike, I agree but I will go further - it is not just "quality staffs that he has been around", he is saying this is the best group of arms and stuff he has ever seen from top to bottom - that includes recent LAD rotation, etc. He put no time limit on his statement. He said "best ever." That potential has to make everyone excited - how close they get to that when the season starts, we'll see.

Mack Ade said...

It's being reported this morning that the "Mets brass" will be taking a long look at Corey Oswalt this spring, though he will start the season off in Vegas.

Tom Brennan said...

Great on Corey Oswalt - after 2017, he should get a very solid look.

If he were at this point of progress a year earlier, he'd most likely have seen a lot of big league mound time. This year I think the glass ceiling will be harder to crack for him.

Mack Ade said...

Another interesting tidbit...

This was reported on Twitter this morning:

From a club executive: “A special assistant to the General Manager was asked to leave the workout (of unsigned free agents) today at IMG. Was escorted out. I cannot believe the players wouldn't want scouts at their workout to see who's in shape.”

Doesn't make any sense.

Tom Brennan said...

Not clear as to what that means. Time will tell.

LongTimeFan1 said...

I also took notice of Callaway's comment when he made it. It says a lot from such a well regarded former pitching coach whose had such huge success with his pitchers and has played on a World Series winner. He knows what good pitching and good pitching staffs look like.

Callaway's credibility is off the charts.

Tom Brennan said...

LongTimeFan1, it sure feels positive...and hopeful.

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