2018 Draft - Season Starters: Seasons Stat Lines


Colle Winn, RHP, Orange Lutheran. Showed four pitch mix working FB up to 96 in impressive outing at Boras Classic

Stats through April 14th:

Brady Singer – Florida:               9-starts, 7-1, 2.79, 58-IP, 63-K, 14-BB

Jackson Kowar – Florida:          9-starts, 6-1, 2.70, 56.2-IP, 54-K, 22-BB

Michael Byrne – Florida -          19-app, 1-0, 0.84, 32-IP, 34-K, 2-BB

Chandler Day – Vanderbilt:      8-G, 3-starts, 1-0, 5.01, 23.1-IP, 29-K, 9-BB  

Bryan Hoeing – Louisville:         12-G, 5-starts, 3-1, 4.54, 37.2-IP, 31-K, 16-BB

Adam Wolf – Louisville –           9-starts, 4-2, 2.36, 53.1-IP, 63-K, 17-BB

Will Tribucher – Michigan –      14-G, 1-start, 2-2, 1.52, 23.2-IP, 26-K, 9-BB

Austin Cox – Mercer -                 10-starts, 6-1, 4.26, 50.2-IP, 77-K, 26-BB

Sean Wymer – TCU:                    8-G, 7-starts, 2-2, 4.47, 46.1-IP, 42-K, 8-BB

Austin Bergner – UNC:              9-G, 7-starts, 4-1, 4.22, 42.2-IP, 46-K, 21-BB

Casey Mise – Auburn:                 9-starts, 7-1, 2.00, 63-IP, 86-K, 4-BB

Luke Hemlich – Oregon St:        10-G, 9-starts, 8-1, 3.43, 57.2-IP, 67-K, 16-BB

Jason Bilous – C Carolina:         9-starts, 4-1, 3.42, 47.1-IP, 60-K, 49-BB

Sean Hjelle – Kentucky:             9-starts, 5-2, 3.09, 58.1-IP, 53-K, 9-BB

Colton Eastman – CSF:              9-starts, 4-3, 2.31, 62.1-IP, 60-K, 19-BB

Logan Gilbert – Stetson:           9-starts, 6-1, 2.89, 62.1-IP, 87-K, 15-BB

Blaine Knight Arkansas:         9-starts, 6-0, 1.95, 50.2-IP, 52-K, 11-BB

Isiah Campbell – Arkansas -     8-starts, 3-3, 3.44, 34-IP, 34-K, 17-BB

Tristan Beck – Stanford:            8-starts, 4-2, 3.11, 46.1-IP, 44-K, 14-BB                   

Kris Bubic – Stanford:                 8-starts, 5-0, 2.40, 48.2-IP, 53-K, 11-BB

Nolan Kingham – Texas:            11-G, 8-starts, 5-2, 3.81, 49.2-IP, 42-K, 10-BB

Konnor Pilkington – Miss St:    9-starts, 2-5, 2.57. 56-IP, 64-K, 9-BB

Cole Sands – Florida State:      9-starts, 6-2, 4.80, 50.2-IP, 58-K, 19-BB

Ryan Rolison – Ole Miss:  -        9-starts, 5-3, 3.27, 52.1-IP, 71-K, 21-BB

Dallas Woolfolk – Ole Miss -    14-apps, 1-1, 2.77, 13-IP, 13-K, 5-BB  

Brady Feigl – Ole Miss -             9-starts, 6-2, 3.29, 52-IP, 48-K, 12-BB

Tim Cate – Connecticut -           7-starts, 3-4, 3.70, 41.1-IP, 53-K, 15-BB

Taril Skubal – Seattle -               11-G, 10-starts, 5-0, 3.38, 42.2-IP, 55-K, 42-BB

Matt Mercer – Oregon –            9-starts, 4-3, 2.40, 56.1-IP, 54-K, 23-BB        

Zach Hess – LSU –                        9-starts, 6-3, 3.71, 53.1-IP, 68-K, 25-BB       

Bryce  DeOca – Missouri -         8-starts, 4-2, 2.64, 44.1-IP, 51-K, 25-BB

Davis Martin – Texas Tech –      9-starts, 6-2, 2.35, 46-IP, 56-K, 18-BB

Adam Hill – South Carolina –   8-starts, 3-4, 4.65, 40.2-IP, 60-K, 26-BB

Andrew Perez – USF -                 13-apps, 4-2, 2.86, 22-IP, 26-K, 5-BB

Shawn McClanahan – USF -       9-starts, 4-4, 3.22, 50.1-IP, 84-K, 29-BB       

Daniel Lynch – Virginia –           9-starts, 2-3, 4.15, 60.2-IP, 75-K, 14-BB


Thomas Brennan said...

All can pitch better now than AJ Ramos. We cannot have an idiot walking guys like that, in two straight stellar Jake starts. Guys who cannot throw strikes either belong in the back of the pen or off the team.

Paul Sewald has fanned 12 guys in 8 innings, and walked just 1, just 1 earned run on 4 hits, and closed his entire minor league career, so he knows pressure, and for some dumb reason, he is in the back of the pen and Ramos ahead of him....Ramos is the guy, just to be clear, who has walked 9 guys in 9 innings this year. What would you do?

Would you rather have a Sewald who has fanned 12 of 27 batters and if his other 14 outs hit the ball, chances are good someone will catch it? Or walk everyone and give the tough opponent hope and momentum, and cough up almost certain wins?

Just asking.

Am I missing something?

Eddie Corona said...

Your so right Tom

Mack any new mock draft updates ? Have you change your mind on anything?

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

As I mentioned in an email to you, maybe Harvey will change this situation beginning next week.

I would sit down Ramos and explain to him the 'new rules' on this team. If Harvey can be demoted to the pen, he can be demoted to AAA

Then I would give him 2 more opportunities to turn around his BB/9 ratio.

Mack Ade said...

Eddie -

I need about three or four more mocks to come in before I send out an updated one.

However, some current thoughts.

1. RHP Casey Mise has become the 1.1 pick, knocking Brady Singer down to 1.4.

2. LHP Shane McClanahan is currently 1.2

3. Another lefty, Matt Liberatore, is 1.3

4. 2B Nick Madrigal is 1.5

5. RHP Carter Stewart, and 3B Alec Bohm are shooting up the draft

Mack Ade said...

Eddie -


Remember the name Grayson Rodriguez.

He's a high school RHP that was pitching in the 92-93 range, but changed his mechanics and is now consistently hitting 98... currently 20th to 28th in the last 3 mocks

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, I would sit Ramos down for a chat, but also remind him that the pen was going to not be rigid in its rotational..and move Sewald up and him back. It is all about winning. Mostly Ramos' fault the last two Jake gems vaporized.

Mack Ade said...

Still wondering what Oswalt's role will be

Thomas Brennan said...

Maybe a spot start for Ozzie?

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