The Mets' minor leagues are filled with hundreds of players who, for purposes of the big leagues, are in essence mostly possible spare parts.

Occasionally, you'll get a Pete Alonso, who you hope is much more than a future spare part, and instead a main cog in the Mets machine.

But out of all the minor league spare parts, which at this time are most usable?

FIRST BASE - 2 viable, useful spare parts:

Dominic Smith has more experience, including big league experience, so he is a ready-made spare part.  He had 4 hits Friday night, but it was against an Albuquerque team whose ERA is in the mid 7's - still, 4 hits (singles) are 4 hits.  Has hit much less impressively in 2018 than the next fella:

Pete Alonso - a beast who the Mets would love to get more seasoning - but he may not wish to concur. Godzilla couldn't be kept out of the big city either - he forced his way in and did major damage - at least that is what Raymond Burr told me.

In 18 games, .397/.500/.730...that Pete Tank has weaponry.  

Since the 2nd game of a doubleheader last June 19, Pete in 339 at bats has hit .341 with 31 doubles and 22 homers.  Certified beast.  And only 2 errors this season, so the 2017 defense issues seem to be in the past.  Godzilla is coming.

(Note: Jeremy Vasquez - terrific season so far, but only in Columbia, so he is not yet a usable spare part.)

SECOND BASE - 2 viable, useful spare parts:

Gavin Cecchini: thru Friday, he is hitting .348/.403/.545 in 19 games - and he went hitless in the first two games.  And wow, only one error in games split between 2nd and SS.  If/when Jose Reyes leaves or someone else needs a DL stint, Gavin looks like a Spare Part Man on a mission this year.  See, however, TJ Rivera-related comments below.

Phillip Evans: like Gavin, he has big league time under his belt.  After a slow start this season, in 60 ABs, he is at .250 with 3 homers and 8 ribbies. 

SHORTSTOP - 2 viable, useful spare parts:

Luis Guillorme: slow but improving AAA start, but has a .338 on base % nonetheless.  And a Golden Glove.  Still devoid of power, to be fair and balanced.

Gavin Cecchini: As above.

THIRD BASE - 3 viable, useful spare parts:

#1 AND # 2 - Cecchini and Evans.  See above.

#3 David Thompson: needs more AAA time, but is  a decent .262/.324/.385 in 21 games in his AAA debut. Just 1 HR, 5 RBIs so far, surprisingly low for this RBI machine, and a mere 3 errors.

SPECIAL NOTE:  TJ Rivera will most likely push himself back to the top of the entire Usable Spare Parts infield heap when he is healthy, presumably in the next 4-8 weeks.  Any guy who is a career .304 major league hitter after over 300 MLB at bats belongs on a big league roster when healthy.  Rivera is the biggest threat to Jose Reyes' career right now.

CATCHER 1 viable, useful spare part:

Pat Mazeika: the lefty hitting catcher has long been regarded as more hit than field, but he has gunned down a nice 8 of 19 this year.  Frigid hitting in the freezing early season weather, he exploded in his last 7 games (13-30, 3 HR, 8 RBI).  Each game he plays brings him closer to being major league ready.  Career .308/.408/.446 hitter.   If the Mets don't make a trade soon for another catcher, and Nido continues to fail to hit, maybe Mazeika jumps to the Mets straight from AA to replace Nido or Lobaton.

Lastly, an infield wild card here is Jeff McNeil.  Jeff is a talented but oft-injured dude who has hit much better of late in AA after a return from a short stint on the DL.  Very versatile player, who has added pop (HR and double last night to boost his slug % after 14 games to a sit up and pay attention .654).  He needs to catch fire to force his way into Usable Spare Parts consideration.

Next article in this series: useful spare outfield parts. 


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Good piece.

I am completely sold on Alonso (and I have forgave him for un-following me :). I was wrong about this guy. He is turning into a complete player.

The reverse would be Luis Guillorme (who also recently un-followed me). I thought he would tear up PCL pitching. Now, he has a hard enough time getting in the lineup.

Reese Kaplan said...

Small sample sizes are sometimes all we have but Johnny Monnel redux is hitting .300 in 30 ABs with 7 RBIs. That's a pace for over 100 on the season. Considering what you're NOT getting from Lobaton and Nido, could it hurt to take a peek?

Thomas Brennan said...

If nothing else, Johnny Monell's name has a ring to it. "Performing tonight, Frank Sinatra and Johnny Monell."

Thomas Brennan said...

The Beast is just beyond New York Harbor, and approaching fast.

bill metsiac said...

I agree that Monell should not be overlooked. He's had some ML time, which the other Catchers have not. But hopefully, Plawecki will be back soon and Nido can get needed AAA time.

For the MIF and many other spots, I agree with Mickey that Evans is the best solution if he can hit. His ability to Catch would allow us to PH for one Catcher without severe finger crossing, and his versatility is unmatched in our system.

Thomas Brennan said...

I like Evans, and he is also hitting well after a cold start to his season.

Thomas Brennan said...

ALONSO 2 for 3, with a 2 run shot (7) by midgame today,

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