2018 Draft - Season Starters: Seasons Stat Lines


Stats through April 25th:

Brady Singer – Florida:              10-starts, 8-1, 2.77, 65-IP, 73-K, 15-BB

Jackson Kowar – Florida:          10-starts, 7-1, 2.40, 63.2-IP, 59-K, 26-BB      

Michael Byrne – Florida -          20-apps, 1-0, 1.62, 33.1-IP, 35-K, 2-BB

Chandler Day – Vanderbilt:      8-G, 3-starts, 1-0, 5.10, 23.1-IP, 29-K, 9-BB  

Bryan Hoeing – Louisville:         14-G, 5-starts, 5-1, 3.89. 44-IP, 33-K, 18-BB

Adam Wolf – Louisville –           10-starts, 4-2, 2.56, 59.2-IP, 70-K, 18-BB

Will Tribucher – Michigan –      15-G, 1-start, 3-2, 1.65, 17.1-IP, 17-K, 15-BB

Austin Cox – Mercer -                 11-starts, 6-2, 4.45, 56.2-IP, 85-K, 28-BB

Sean Wymer – TCU:                    9-G, 8-starts, 2-3, 4.68, 50-IP, 44-K, 9-BB

Austin Bergner – UNC:              10-G, 8-starts, 4-1, 4.53, 47.2-IP, 51-K, 24-BB         

Casey Mise – Auburn:                 10-starts, 8-1, 2.25, 68-IP, 94-K, 6-BB

Luke Hemlich – Oregon St:        11-G, 10-starts, 9-1, 3.18, 65-IP, 79-K, 17-BB

Jason Bilous – C Carolina:         10-starts, 5-1, 3.61, 52.1-IP, 66-K, 52-BB

Sean Hjelle – Kentucky:             10-starts, 5-3, 3.31, 65.1-IP, 58-K, 12-BB

Colton Eastman – CSF:             10-starts, 5-3, 2.47, 69.1-IP, 66-K, 20-BB

Logan Gilbert – Stetson:           10-starts, 7-1, 2.69, 70.1-IP, 101-K, 15-BB

Blaine Knight Arkansas:        10-starts, 6-0, 2.24, 56.1-IP, 57-K, 12-BB

Isiah Campbell – Arkansas -     9-starts, 3-4, 4.08, 39.2-IP, 40-K, 20-BB

Tristan Beck – Stanford:            9-starts, 5-2, 2.92. 52.-IP, 46-K, 16-BB           

Kris Bubic – Stanford:                 9-starts, 5-0, 2.52, 53.2-IP, 58-K, 17-BB

Nolan Kingham – Texas:           12-G, 9-starts, 5-2, 4.29, 56.2-IP, 49-K, 11-BB

Konnor Pilkington – Miss St:    10-starts, 2-5, 2.95, 61-IP, 67-K, 12-BB

Cole Sands – Florida State:       9-starts, 6-2, 4.80, 50.2-IP, 58-K, 19-BB

Ryan Rolison – Ole Miss:  -         10-starts, 5-3, 3.19, 59.1-IP, 77-K, 25-BB

Dallas Woolfolk – Ole Miss -    14-apps, 1-1, 2.77, 13-IP, 13-K, 5-BB  

Brady Feigl – Ole Miss -             10-starts, 7-2, 3.30, 57.1-IP, 49-K, 18-BB      

Tim Cate – Connecticut -           7-starts, 3-4, 3.70, 41.1-IP, 53-K, 15-BB

Taril Skubal – Seattle -               12-G, 11-starts, 6-0, 3.54, 48.1-IP, 67-K, 45-BB

Matt Mercer – Oregon –            10-starts, 4-4, 2.93, 61.1-IP, 60K, 26-BB       

Zach Hess – LSU –                        10-starts,6-4, 3.79, 59.1-IP, 73-K, 27-BB                   
Bryce  DeOca – Missouri -         10-G, 8-starts, 5-2, 2.42, 48.1-IP, 57-K, 26-BB

Davis Martin – Texas Tech –     10-starts, 4-2, 3.54, 48.1-IP, 58-K, 30-BB

Adam Hill – South Carolina –   9-starts, 4-4, 4.05, 46.2-IP, 67-K, 30-BB

Andrew Perez – USF -                  15-apps, 4-2, 2.59, 24.1-IP, 30-K, 6-BB

Shawn McClanahan – USF -      10-starts, 4-5, 3.04, 56.1-IP, 94-K, 32-BB      

Daniel Lynch – Virginia –           9-starts, 2-3, 4.15, 60.2-IP, 75-K, 14-BB


Thomas Brennan said...

Who might we pick who will eventually underperform like most of the current team and it's draftees? That is the real question.

Mack Ade said...

You are starting to sound like Reese.

In case you have not noticed... we are in first place and have the fifth best record in baseball.

TexasGusCC said...

Our system has no offense anywhere, so let’s take pitching. I wouldn’t be surprised. Mack, I know you have explained that pitching wins, but our minor league teams don’t all suck by accident.

I saw Fangraphs mock draft, and they had Madrigal second, and four of the top five to be position players. Then, the Mets take a lefty pitcher. Oh boy. That strategy is sooooooo successful.

Thomas Brennan said...

They should have played all rookies in Sept and lost their way to the 4th pick nstead of 6th

Mack Ade said...

Tex -

I admit. My 'pitcher first' plans have not worked out. Still, I believe in the 'best player available' approach and it is not my fault that the majority of best players available at the top of the draft are pitchers.

We did well with Conforto and Alonso in the send round.

I have said repeatedly that the Mets should choose Swaggerty.

Mack Ade said...


the Mets have quietly begun selling shares of the team again.

Revenues are projected to go down.

Pablo Grullon said...

Really? IIRC the Wilpoms are due to pay the remaining balance of any $ owed this year from the Madoff ponzi scheme.

Anonymous said...

Other than Saturday's game, a nice weekend had for these NY Mets and their fans.

Things I liked best:

Jay Bruce is looking totally healthy again and swinging a very key bat in the NY Mets lineup. Opposition shifts the D on him and without going the other way all that much, Jay is able to find the gaps elsewhere. His power is back too.

Todd Frazier, Arsdrubal Cabrera, Jose Reyes, and Yoenis Cespedes are all muiy fuego right now. Batting at the top of their respective games. Once Yo gets his thumb reattached from that nasty blocked slide on third yesterday, he should be gang busters like the rest once again.

And what about Jose Reyes? Never ever, ever count this guy out! Okay?

Remember over the last couple of weeks I have been talking about a left-handed set-up man potentially being added to the 2018 NYM bullpen? Someone to assist Jeurys so Jeurys does not have to pitch in every game. Well, I think that I can give you now a good target/example of a reliever that I feel would really big time benefit this Mets ball club in this way. He plays for Tampa Bay Rays and his name is Jose Alvarado.

Jose is a left-handed set-up right now. He's 22 years old, 6'2"/245 and has one year of professional ball experience. So far in 2018, he has 16 strikeouts in 13 innings, a 2.70 ERA, and a nice .90 WHIP. You have to see this guy pitch. Anyway, he could be a good example of what might really benefit this Mets relief corp.

I get the feeling that peter Alonso may be the next big time NYM first baseman, if he keeps up what he has started doing in 2018 AA Bing. If a startup corporation, I'd be buying his shares right now.

Tim Peterson is having a tremendous 2018 thus far as well. The relief situation looks very positive for years to come here with Tim, Gerson, and Drew in the fold now. Although I get this hunch that Drew Smith would also make a tremendously good starter also.

Who are my favorite young teams to watch lately? A: NYY and Tampa Bay Rays. The whole Rays' infield is very young and very impressive. The Rays play a competitive game overall, but are only young and maybe missing one key piece, another top-end starter. The NYY are coming on strong now and they trail Boston by only two games. Boston and the Yankees will be a see-saw battle until the very end in 2018.

Nitpick things with the Mets over the weekend...

1. Too much belly-aching over called third strikes. Yes, they may 2" or more below or outside the strike-zone, I agree. But this is the game today and a batter has got to do his best to protect the obviously expanded strike-zone with two strikes. I cannot stand it either just watching it happen, but to argue third called strikes is not a great idea because the umpire takes offense and remembers the batters that argue with him. So next time up, that batter could get an even worse call on strike three than he had earlier on. Just smile (pick your nose) and walk away may be very good advice here with this. Maybe the Baseball Commissioner will take another look at an automated electronic home umpiring system in the next off season. It's entirely possible. But until then, just smile and pick your nose.

2. Do you all realize that most strikeouts happen on batter swing attempts on pitches not even in the strike-zone? True.

3. First pitch strikes by opposing team pitchers. Pitchers love to get the face-off advantage and get that first pitch called strike. Some of the very best pitches a batter will likely see in any at bat, are easy and laid in there first strike pitch ones. Be ready if you see that trend with a pitcher developing. That first strike pitch is your best friend at the plate.

4. Square-up when fielding a groundball. Backhand stabs are cute but you want the out more.

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