Roster Moves: Welcome to Gerson Bautista


The Mets have announced that Hansel Robles is headed back to AAA while Gerson Bautista makes the jump from Binghamton, available for tonight's game.  


Tom Brennan said...


Mack Ade said...

Are we all now rushing to change our answer to this week's "Who will be the biggest surprise this season" question on the Q and A post?

Tom Brennan said...

Unlike AJ Ramos, Gerson walked none and fanned 11 out of 18 AA hiiters. Nice to throw 100 accurately.

Tom Brennan said...

HUGE surprise to me.

Mack Ade said...


Look fir some pen movement in Las Vegas and Binghamton:


AAA (11)

Drew Smith
Kyle Reganult
Jamie Callahan
Matt Purke
Kevin McGowan
Tim Peterson
Corey Taylor
Kelly Secrest
Jacob Rhame
Logan Taylor
Hansel Robles

AA (only 6)

Tyler Bashlor
Adonis Uceta
Austin McGeorge
Dave Roseboom
Eric Hanhold
Joshua Torres

Mack Ade said...


Tired Mets pen...

I see him as an emergency arm that won't stay long... unless.... he pitches big in his first, then second, outing

Tom Brennan said...

He may just be developing as fast as his fastball, and Shoehei Ohtani is young and excelling.

What is interesting about Bautista....pre-Mets, he walked 89 in 196 innings. Since the Mets picked him up, he has walked just 3 in 19 innings, plus 31 Ks. Seems he figured out that control thing.

Reese Kaplan said...

One of those many AAA relievers might have to be stretched out to take Mickey Jannis' spot in the starting rotation.

Tom Brennan said...

They just signed a journeyman to fill in at AAA. Name escapes me.

Mike Freire said...


You can't have enough power arms in your bullpen, IMO.

Reese Kaplan said...

A.J. Griffin restored from inactive list.

Anonymous said...


Tim Peterson and Drew Smith (AAA)

Tyler Bashlor (AA)

Another idea...

Lefty Jake McGee from Colorado Rockies for lefty set-up. That makes the three, Bautista, Familia, and then McGee. The Bullpen's Holy Trinity.

JT Realmuto from Miami Marlins to catch. Jetes might do if the offer fits.

Mets can certainly trade from depth at the outfield and pitching areas. With three Nationals' really good players coming back soon, these Mets need to solidify there 25-man soon to get ready.

How about that Gerson Bautista? 100 mph! Smokin'!

Anonymous said...

Tonight's Batting Lineup:

1. Comfort, 2. Yo, 3.ACab, 4. Lenny, 5. Fraze, 6. AGon, 7.JLob, 8.SMa, 9.ARose

Tom Brennan said...

Reese, I thought AJ Griffin was a shooting guard for the Memphis Grizzlies....great basketball name. "AJ Griffin is on fire from beyond the 3"

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