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Good morning.

We move on to shortstop. Remember… I project the following players at these levels.
AAA Syracuse

          Gavin Cecchini  (also plays 2B) –       
                   AAA -           .294/.342/.468/810    2-HR

          Christian Colon  (also plays 2B and 3B) -

                    AAA -           .304/.396/.459/855    6-HR

          Jack Reinheimer (also plays 2B and 3B)

                   MLB – (30 at-bats)          .167/.286/.167/453    0-HR
                   AAA – (435 at-bats)        .248/.317/.370/687    8-HR

AA Binghamton

          Andres Gimenez

                   AA -  (137 at-bats)          .277/.344/.358/702    0-HR
                   A+ -  (308-AB)                 .282/.348/.432/780    6-HR

          Levi Michael

                   AAA -  (9 at-bats)            .333/.400/.333/733    0-HR
                   AA -  (387 at-bats)          .305/.391/.470/861    10-HR 
A+ St. Lucie

          Hansel Romero

                   A – (319 at-bats)            .248/.307/.398/705    8-HR

A Columbia 

          Edgardo Fermin

                   A – (429 at-bats)            .210/.258/.343/601    8-HR

          Sheryren Newton

                   Rookie/K-Port – (207 at-bats)   .280/.411/.449/860

Low-A Brooklyn

          L.A. Woodard

                   Low-A -  (4 at bats)          .500/.600/.500/1.000    0-HR
                   Rookie/K-Port (71 at-bats)   .239/.379/.296/675    0-HR   

          Manny Rodriguez

                   Low-A   (174 at-bats)       .236/.293/.339/632    2-HR

Rookie Kingsport

          Ronny Mauricio

                   Rookie/K-Port  (30 at-bats)       .233/.286/.333/.619    0-HR
                    Rookie/GCL (197 at-bats)          .279/.307/.421/728    3-HR

          Gregory Guerrero

                   Rookie/GCL   (143 at bats)        .217/.257/.252/509    0-HR


1.    There is a lot of talent here at this position. I consider three players with prospect talent per pipeline heavy. The Mets have two solid red guys and another blue one that could eventually start in the majors.

2.    Amed Rosario is our current shortstop. He’s looking more like a keeper every game, both offensively and defensively. More important, he’s can be moved to either third base or short if someone better comes along.

3.    ‘Better’ is Andres Gimenez. The 20-year old will return to Binghamton in the spring and will finish in Syracuse. Some want to rush him quicker, but why? We’re not going to compete in 2019 and this is as much of a sure lock as there is in prospect evaluation.

4.    Three seasons later comes another top five Mets prospect, Ronny Mauricio. He’s 17-years old and already playing in Kingsport.

5.    In between is a wild card. Shervyen Newton is a 19-year old that everyone needs to keep an eye on. I see both him and Mauricio as a trade chip in a multiple deal for a great catcher (cough J.T. cough).

6.    Needless to say, there seems to be enough talent in the pipeline at this position to take us through the end of the next decade.

Rating:  A +


Tom Brennan said...

It still comes down to Gimenez, Mauricio, and perhaps hi-whiff Sherveyn Newton. Three goodies.

Will Cecchini rebound from a lost season? Do or die time.

Levi Michael had a swell year, but got hurt at the wrong time.

bill metsiac said...

Don't be too sure we're not going to compete in 2019. Pitching wins, and our rotation is as good as any in MLB.

Hobie said...

Ye olde trusty crystal ball says Mauricio is our future CF.

Zozo said...

My magic 8 Ball says Rosario is our CF? Lol

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Three players of this kind of talent, in one position, make this a position with depth

Mack Ade said...


My ouija boad says we need a new CF... period.

Mack Ade said...

Bill -

It will be determined on what our new GM does.

First question to him today in his press conference.

"You said two years ago that the Mets need to trade your client, Jacob deGrom, or sign him to an extension. What are you going to do now?"

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with ZOZO.
Rosario is the teams future CF in 2022,when Mauricio is ready to start at SS.
Gimenez id like put at 2nd and close that position for 10 years,he should be ready by aug/sep 2019 if not start him in 2020, and move McNeil to 3rd.
McNeil can play 3rd until Vientos is ready around 2022.
Off - Season if im the new GM/Agent id be signing 5 players
Zach Britton-Kelvin Herrera-Familia -Wilson Ramos and Neil Walker
Neil Walker would be a great bench player IMO.
He provides insurance at 1st for Alonso
at 2nd for McNeil and 3rd for Frazier.
Being a switch Hitter is handy, in the NL with double switches

Zozo said...

I would put Gimenez at SS, i believe he is best at position defensively

bill metsiac said...

Why so down on Lag? If he hits. 250,his glove is worth a lot.

bgreg98180 said...

Because he is ALWAYS injured.

Eddie Corona said...

CF of the future is Kelenic
But the future at SS (and really middle infielders) looks filled with potential.. Which is why I would never draft a 2B when you can always slide a SS over...
Hopefully we will not see any Tejadas for a long long time...

Mike Freire said...

I think the excess of middle infielders covers 2B, SS and 3B for quite a while, along with adding trade chips to the collective "pot".

Not as sure about moving one of them to CF.....why not just find a natural OF'er?

bill metsiac said...

Kelenic and Lindsay are on their way, and we're well covered while they get ready. Aren't they "natural" ?

bill metsiac said...

Yes, it will. But my question was why YOU are so down on him.

Mike Freire said...

Yeah, they are natural CF'ers, but they are also quite a distance away from the parent club. I would like to see the team address CF with a true CF'er in the interim (say three year window, which is how far away the prospects you named could be).

Not sure if the second question is aimed at me, or not? I am not down on anyone in particular (I think Lagares is too injury prone to count on, but I don't dislike him).

Anthony Carnacchio said...

how can you say they won't compete in 2019?

bill metsiac said...

My question was for Mack. But if we sign a "true CFer" that means an OF of Yo/Brandon/4to goes out the window. And we have to find a taker for Bruce.

Do we really want to do all that while we have a GG CFer on the roster already.

bill metsiac said...

Let's keep in mind that we had the BEST record in the NLE after the A-S break, even with a terrible pen and no closer. With additions there, that spells "contender" to me.

Mike Freire said...

I hear you Bill......my point is that neither Lagares or Cespedes have played a full season in quite a while, so I am hesitant to count on them. I would actually try to deal Cespedes to an AL club as a DH, once he is back and functional.

I like Nimmo in LF, Conforto in RF with a new CF'er added and Bruce on the bench as 1B/OF depth. Perhaps someone like Austin Jackson as a veteran fifth OF'er as depth (if Lagares cannot stay healthy, otherwise, Juan can be that for us).

I really hate the Bruce contract and the Lagares extension right about now.

Unknown said...

Is Guerrero ever going to be healthy?

Mack Ade said...

Norm -

Interesting question.

I no longer list him as a prospect regardless to his health.Sometimes you just give the wrong person the wrong money.

Guerrero looks like he's one of them.

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