Mack - Position By Position Analysis: 2B


Good morning.

We move on to second base. Remember… I project the following players at these levels.
AAA Syracuse

          Ty Kelly (also plays 3B)              ,259/.348/.416/764   8-HR

          Luis Guillorme (also plays SS)    .304/.380/.417/797   3-HR

          Levi Michael (also plays SS)      

                    AAA (9 at bats)                 .333/.400/.333/733     0-HR
                    AA (387 at bats)               .305/.365/.470/833     2-HR 

AA Binghamton

          Oliver Pascual 

                    AA (25 at bats)                .280/.280/.320/600   0-HR
                   (3-team 2018 118-AB)    .195/.208/.229/437  0-HR

          Luis Carpio (also plays SS)

                   AA (4-at bats):                .250/.400/.250/650    0-HR
                   A+ (389-AB):                   .219/.291/.364/657    12-HR

          Josh Allen    (153 at-bats):        .248/.327/.366/693    2-HR

          Andrew Ely: (179 at bats):        .162/.296/.229/525    1-HR  

          J.J. Franco (also plays SS and 3B)

                  A+  (81 at-bats):                 .296/.374/.333/707    0-HR
                  AA  ( 50 at-bats):                .120/.279/.160/439    0-HR      

A+ St. Lucie

          Blake Tiberi

                   A (296 at bats):              .265/.379/.356/735    4-HR
                   A+ (95 at bats):               .168/.210/.274/484    1-HR

A Savannah

          Carlos Cortes

                   Low-A:                           .264/.338/.382/720    4-HR

Low-A Brooklyn

          Luis Santana

                   Rookie/K-Port (204-AB):  .348/.446/.471/917    4-HR  
          Angel Manzanarez

                   Brooklyn (73-AB):           .274/.341/.329/670    0-HR

          Dylan Tice            

                   Brooklyn (44-AB):           .295/.436/.318/755    0-HR

Rookie Kingsport

          Wilmer Reyes

                   GCL (119-AB):                 .269/.287/.420/707    3-HR
                   St. Lucie (13-AB):            .231/.231/.462/693    1-HR
                   Kingsport (8-AB):            .000/.000/.000/000    0-HR

          Sebastian Espino

                   GCL (150-AB):                 .267/.333/.367/700    0-HR


          Felix Valerio

                   DSL (263-AB):                 .319/.400/.433/843   3-HR


1.    It seems that we have a great second baseman (Jeff McNeil) in Queens.

2.    Jeff will turn 27 during the first week of next season. Baseball hasn’t been kind to infielders that turn 30, so, for now, second base seems locked down through the 2021 season.

3.    Or is it third base that becomes locked down as soon super prospect SS Andres Gimenez comes to Queens? Amed Rosario is a much better fielder than McNeil and woulnd (IMO) serve the team better as a middle fielder. This would move Jeff to third.

4.    Either way, we won’t need a new second baseman for a while.

5.    Past that, we have one prospect (Guillorme) that is getting squeezed out the equation, and three more (Cortes, Santana, Valerio) that show promise.

6.    I’m especially keeping one eye on Valerio now that he’s coming stateside.

Rating:  A 


Reese Kaplan said...

Guillorme is rapidly devilving into Ruben Tejada II. No power, no speed.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

Every position doesn't have to have power bot EVERY position (other than catcher) does have to have speed.

These are scouting flaws.

What ever happened to scouts with stop watches watching sprint drills before the draft?

I think Luis as maximized his God given talent but he might have hit the MLB wall.

Remember... only 30 men in the world get to be a starter at every position.

In the world.

Tom Brennan said...

Mack, I do like the three 2Bs you highlight, but are you including McNeil in your A grade?

If not, I see 2B prospects as a C-

Eddie Corona said...

Been meaning to ask, you have a color system when describing prospect and who you believe A,B, C prospects...

what are they and how do you define them? (i know you have mentioned colors before Blue prospects ?)

in this articles I dont believe the names in red signify anything does it?

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Yes, McNeil is an A graded 2Bman and, overall depth ranks the position A

Mack Ade said...

Eddie -

You are right. It is confusing

My top prospects (who I consider locks as MLB starters someday) are RED

Second level prospects (predicted to someday play some role in the majors) are BLUE

All other players are in BLACK

I will change upcoming posts to reflect that.

Pablo Grullon said...

I really like what I read and heard about Luis Santana during the season. By all accounts hes a really good hitter who gets on base and plays with high energy. I'll take that anytime. I'm hoping he starts next year at low A Columbia and gets a mid season promotion to St. Lucie. If he duplicates his success from kingsport at the higher levels his prospect status is gonna rise significantly

Tom Brennan said...

Pablo, they have to push Santana to Columbia, definitely. Anything short of that would be a travesty - this kid tore up Kingsport, so he gets to skip Brooklyn in my mind, for sure.

Mack, gotcha. I frankly hope McNeil is an All Star contender at mid season - one can dream, yes?

I still see Gimenez up to the Mets by around the trading deadline, but I may be a bit too rambunctious there - time will tell.

If not, he may get the Alonso Treatment and get held back for $$ reasons and show up in late April 2020. Man, do I hate rules that prevent a kid who is largely ready from making his MLB debut due to Super 2 rules.

Mack Ade said...

Pablo -

Re: Santana...

I disagree that he will open in Columbia.

My guess is that fellow BLUE prospect Carlos Cortes will get that nod.

Pablo Grullon said...

Mack- Considering the fact Cortes is a 3rd round pick from a major college program he should go to St. Lucie and Santana to Columbia. I think Santana showed enough that hes ready to.be challenged and can skip Brooklyn

Mike Freire said...

I hope that McNeil is the answer for the foreseeable future (i.e. the next five years).....with the way players are taking care of themselves, short of an injury (knock on wood since he has had a few in the past), I think JM will be above average contributor as early as next Spring.

With that said, maybe one of the other folks on your list will be trade bait?

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