Mets Winter Stats –

1B Joey Terdoslavich  LIDOM   27-AB .370/.414/.481/895         0-HR

OF Desmond Lindsay    AFL     11-AB   .364/.417/1.000/1.417   2-HR 

OF Wuillmer Becerra  LVBP   20-AB     .350/.350/.350/700         0-HR     
1B Peter Alonso     AFL     36-AB             .306/.390/.611, 1.001      3-HR

OF Jhoan Urena     LIDOM      6-AB       .167/.3.75/.167/542        0-HR 

1B Dominic Smith    LIDOM    25-AB    .160/.222/.200/422         0-HR

SS Andres Gimenez  AFL    17-AB          .118/.286/.353/639         1-HR

C Ali Sanchez          AFL     8-AB              .000/.200/.000/200         0-HR

SS Luis Carpio         LVBP  1-AB             .000/.000/.000/000         0-HR

OF John Mora         LIDOM   1-AB          .000/.000/.000/000         0-HR

C Juan Uriarte        LMP      1-AB           .000/.500/.000/500         0-HR

RP Stephen Negosek        AFL                 3.2-IP             3-K                  0.00/0.82

SP Nabil Crismatt              LIDOM          4-IP                1-K                  2.25/1.00

RP Matt Blackham           AFL                 3.1-IP             2-K                  2.70/1.80

RP Tim Peterson                LIDOM          4.1-IP             9-K                  4.15/1.15

RP Joe Zanghi                     AFL                 4-IP                3-K                  4.50/1.25

RP Gerson Bautista          AFL                 5-IP                2-K                  5.40/1.60

?? Jenrry Mejia                  LIDOM          3-IP                1-K                  6.00/1.67

RP Yeizo Campos               LVBP              2-IP                1-K                  13.50/2.50


Tom Brennan said...

Except for Alonso and Lindsay, hitters are MIA or, worse, not getting in games.

Tim Peterson is fanning lots of dudes. Perhaps he can become an effective bullpen arm for Mets still

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Basically, I don't find these stats very impressive

Reese Kaplan said...

Wow, that boatload of relievers obtained in 2017 is sure looking great for Sandy right now (eyeroll)

Hobie said...

Joey Terd...?

Man, I'd change my name to Batts.

bill metsiac said...

Or meaningful. "Small" samples are gigantic compared to these.

Tom Brennan said...

Kiddies did nicely on Wed nite...Alonso 3 for 5, including 4th dinger, Gimenez a hit, two walks, 3 RBIs, and Lindsay a homer (3) and single (now 7 for 20, .350).

Anonymous said...

AFL/Tom Brennan Style

Good info. Most encouraging to me were Peter Alonso (BA and HR's) and Gerson Bautista (strikeouts and low walk ratio). Very encouraging these two. I am impressed.

Nogosek's scouting report says 95 mph heater potential, normally decent MLB slider, and a developing change up. Probable middle relief.

But to me, just the very thought of having two significant upgrades on the 2019 NY Mets (in both Alonso and Bautista) is terrific. Alonso would compliment the Mets young infield exceedingly well. I am not saying the 1970's LA Dodgers infield necessarily, because I don't know this yet, but still in all, a really good young infield. The infield would then have all the complimenting player talents and capabilities a team hopes for.

In Gerson Bautista, the Mets "could quite possibly" be looking at their eventual outstanding closer. He has his pitch location coming along beautifully it sounds like. But here too, a Gerson Bautista in the 2019 Mets bullpen later inning adds significant depth there. Significant.

In other NY Mets news...

I am not really an analytics buff nor enthusiast really. Sure it can help make decisions, but haven't these NY Mets already been using that and for awhile already?

I think that both the reliance on analytics and infield shifts is probably overstated. Sure, in key games and in key moments of those games analytics could definitely help out, be a decision making enhancement. But to fall into the trap of totally relying on probability from statistics, I just don't concur in its use for every aspect of the game. To me, the game of baseball cannot be that completely predictable. In other words, we have all seen many times players who are not counted on in a crucial situation come through big time for that team. Even win huge games. It is a game of chance really, despite any statistics available, batter against pitcher and one on one. And in these times there are way too many elements that can or could lead to that batters or pitchers success or failure in that particular confrontation. (See Jackie Bradley most recently for the Red Sox, like two or three games back in this WS. Homerun.)

It is the unexpected occurrence that happens intra-game, that makes the game of baseball such an exciting and unpredictable joy to watch. Especially if your team wins!

Anonymous said...

LA Dodgers win game three.

What happened you ask?

Pitching dominance superior to batting dominance.

LA finally got the right two guys into the games, Pederson and Muncy. Both hit a homerun, which they are both known already to be good at doing.

Eighteen innings last night.

Everyone pitched on both sides. Tommy Lasorda was seen warming up in the Dodger bullpen inning seventeen, just in case. The Red Sox had contacted Dennis Eckersley on the phone.

Game four tonight. Probably starters? No one knows because everyone pitched last night. Maybe Lasorda against Eckersley. Who knows. But I suggest that you all stay by your respective cell phones never-the-less.

Anonymous said...

Walker Buehler's Day Off

Walker definitely earned today being off, that's for certain. I get the strong feeling that 24 year old Walker is well on his own way to becoming the Dodgers' new ace. Just a hunch totally from my own empirical analysis and not just analytics per se.

Imagine having a rotation of: deGrom, Wheeler, Buehler, Syndergaard, and Matz? Holy Cape Canaveral I tell you!

Whomever the new Mets GM becomes, I hope that he or she (wouldn't that be something too) thinks about adding in one more tremendous starter to the 2019 NY Mets rotation. JA Happ? Hmm.

But there are plenty out there. But if you add in another potential top-end starter, as opposed to the usual average one, that could be potentially a game changing event for this ball club heading into 2019.

Then use the pitchers you would have been looking at for the fifth starter role, in the bullpen.

Sometimes I make sense. But don't always count on it. Okay?

Anonymous said...

Another possible young 24 year old catcher from another team (Oakland A's) to maybe take a look at. Sean Murphy. Decent batter, still growing but big, pretty decent defensive skills. Currently play AFL ball.

My point is this one...

Should JT Realmuto not be available to the Mets (for any reason) this off season, the Mets have a propensity to sometimes then do nothing at all to bolster a position (or worse even) get someone veteran like that does nothing much at all once here. Won't name any names to illustrate this.

But going outside to get either someone like a Sean Murphy (A's) or Danny Jansen (Boo-Jays for Halloween) does appear to make some sense. The Mets probably should not entertain getting either Wilson Ramos(knees) or Yasmani Grandal who can play a sloppy defense and is questionable going forward.

Maybe something like acquiring Danny Jansen or Sean Murphy and then Anthony Recker to back one of them up?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Van Whalen is the next GM. Several NY Mets players not liking the idea I am reading online. Van Whalen was up until very recently an agent the article said.

Probably Rich Hill goes for the Dodgers tonight. May be a game where the Dodgers go by committee. Not sure. Something like Hill, Urias, Jansen maybe? Something like that.

The key to defeating the Red Sox is good hard throwing pitchers. Pitchers who can both throw hard 98 mph and locate their pitches well. The Red Sox will bite at pitches outside the strike zone, even JD Martinez and Mookie Betts.

I'd leave Kershaw on the bench until game six at the earliest. he looked awful (for him) his last outing. Like d-o-n-e done.

Red Sox will have someone like lefty Drew Pomerance on the mound, maybe someone else they shouldn't instead. They added Pomeranze to their roster recently in case Sale went down with a sore throwing arm. Both are lefties and ERod (Rodriquez) hasn't pitched all series and may be hurt. So Pomeranz and Hill could potentially be the starters in game four. But do not count on it for certain.

This game is exceedingly close due to this fact. But I sor tof like the Dodgers by a smidge because they are at home and possibly could have witnessed a momentum shift last night. We will see.

I have to be really honest here, for a moment. I get the feeling that this really was supposed to be a NY Mets WS in 2018. The pitching came around starting wise and all the other moves should have solidified this possibility. But it was not to be.

Four things that sort of derailed this chance...

1. Lagares, Bruce and Frazier getting banged up and out of action. Juan for a whole season.

2. Callaway not being humanly able to put together an adequate bullpen all season long that worked regularly and well.

3. Trading Familia when no one else was anywhere close to being ready to assume his closer role.

4. The overall malaise and acceptance of playing mediocre MLB where maybe players should have been challenged more to play harder.

Mack Ade said...

Anon -

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