CUTPASTE: - Jason Bay, Ike Davis, Darrell Ceciliani, Rylan Sandoval... and Alonzo Harris

Jason Bay:

mlb  - Restrictions, it seems, are all Bay has faced since suffering a concussion in late July. It took five weeks for the Mets to clear him even to ride a stationary bike, then another two weeks before he could even consider picking up a bat. Returning this season, once a pipe dream, is now officially out of the question for Bay. But Bay hasn't endured any post-concussion symptoms in roughly two weeks, and so he wants to attempt to hit. Those who know Bay shouldn't be surprised by that. He is a relentless worker. And he was humbled by the fact that he produced just six home runs over the first season of his four-year, $66 million free-agent deal.

Ike Davis:

link  - What has been most impressive about Davis is his defense at first. Sure, everyone remembers the over the rail catches, but Davis is leading all NL first basemen in UZR/150 at 12.5, and is just behind Oakland’s Daric Barton (13.7). Today, John Dewan’s “Stat of the Week” gave an update about the Fielding Bible Gold Glove for each position using Defensive Runs Saved. Going into the final week Davis has saved 14 runs, again behind Oakland’s Barton (20), but way ahead of the next best first basemen in the National League (Aubrey Huff with 6). I don’t know if Davis will get the support of the voters, who tend to take offense into consideration (see David Wright), but anyone who has watched him this season knows his value on the defensive end. The defensive metrics just validate what many have seen throughout the season. If Davis can establish consistency on the offensive end the Mets may have themselves a nice homegrown player at first.

Darrell Ceciliani:

9-27-10 from: - amazin  - After a somewhat inauspicious pro debut last year in Kingsport, Ceciliani blew up this year, establishing himself as one, if not THE, top outfielders in the Mets farm system. The '09 fourth rounder set Brooklyn records for batting average, hits and triples this year on his way to a NYPL Batting Title and organizational Sterling Award. He sported a .410 OBP, was top three in the league in total bases and extra-bases and played gold glove-caliber defense all year; he even batted .474 during the postseason, all this as the youngest player on the team. Now he wasn't without flaw; his 24:56 BB-to-K ratio could use improvement, same goes for his 18.5% K-rate. And for someone so fast he can't be getting caught on the bases 14 out of 31 total attempts (60% sb success rate). The development of his power from gap-to-gap to true home run pop will probably determine whether he jumps up from very good to great prospect status at some point, but either way Ceciliani showed the kind of ability and tools this season to really solidify himself as a top prospect. A jump up to Hi-A St. Lucie in 2011 would certainly be justified if the Mets were so inclined.

Rylan Sandoval:

Sept 2010 from: - nyfs  - Was a 30th round pick in 2007 and came out of nowhere to have a huge year in Brooklyn, hitting .330/.404/.546. With him just turning 23 years old, skepticism and the scrutiny will be very high with him, but with the depth chart at 2nd base being pretty poor overall, he’s someone to at least keep an eye on for next season.

Alonzo Harris:

9-26-10: - Mack on metszilla  - It’s too early to analyze someone who has only played A level, but, in my opinion, he’s far from being a future major league infielder. He does have some decent pop, but he’s very streaky. The Mets are going to have to decide who their long term second baseman will be long before this kid is ready, if ever.


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