Q&A - LHP - Daniel Norris

Mack:  Hey everybody. Today, we are talking to the guy I currently have as the fourth overall pick in the upcoming 2011 draft, LHP Daniel Norris, out of Science Hill High School, in Johnson City, Tennesse.  Hey Daniel... cold enough for you down there these past few weeks? .

Norris:  Cold enough? Psh. Not cold enough to keep me off the field! We've have more snow here in Johnson City than I can remember. I went to school 2 days last week because of all the snow. It's pretty intense down here.

Mack:  So, you know I want to talk about your pitching, but let's get it over with... :)
Tell us about your playing outfield.... .

Norris:  Sure thing. I love playing outfield. One of my favorite things to do on the ball field. I realize that pitching is my best bet to achieve my dream. However, pitchers don't get to play everyday. In fact, they don't get to play this game much at all. That's why I love playing outfield! I get to go out there every single day for 7 innings and roam the outfield diving, sliding, jumping for fly balls. I love that. Also, I love hitting. I'm a cage rat.- basically Mack, I love playing this game everyday!

Mack:  Okay, but enough of that diving for balls... Daniel, I've got you touching 94, plus you have a hammer curve. What else are you throwing, and where's the fast ball sitting right now?

Norris: I primarily throw a fastball, Curveball. Changeup. And I've added a little bit of a slide piece. This summer my fastball sat anywhere from 91-95. I touched 96 97 on occasion. Comfortable at 92-94 with location on either side of the plate.- My change up has come a long way for me and I look for that to be very important pitch this spring.

Mack:  Everyone remembers the fastball, but it was the curve that made pitchers like Santana, Gooden, Pedro great... I don't have to tell you that you are beginning the most important baseball year of your life .. does your senior year schedule look challenging and will you stay away from any more showcases until after this year's draft? .

Norris:   This year is very important indeed. And yes the schedule will be challenging. We set it up that way on purpose. I love the challenge. I accept challenges and do all I can to overcome them! No matter what the challenge is.. I know the Lord is there right by my side through all of it! For the showcase route- I'd say I'm pretty much done with them. We'll just have to see what happens this spring and all.

Mack:   Good answer. Daniel, thanks for spending a few moments with us. Is there anything you want to share with the readers out there before we let you go? .

Norris:  If there was anything I'd want for everyone to know about me. It'd be that I am a Christian who doubles as a baseball player. Not a baseball player who doubles as a Christian.

Mack: Well, thanks for your time, Daniel. Good luck in the future and God bless.

Some stuff on Daniel:

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8-27 from: - http://xmlbscout.angelfire.com/  - LHP Daniel Norris Science Hill HS, Johnson City Tenn 6'2 190 - quality lefty with arm strength and arm speed from upper 3/4 slot, also one of top HS QB's in state, tends to open early on occ causing elbow to get under pitches, fb velocity ranges from 88-94, most are 90-91, cb true 2/6 downward plane action and throws strikes but pitches up more than he needs to which could hurt him in pro ball. Pro instruction will be needed to help him repeat his delivery to be effective in pro ball. Stamina also a concern, but has shown 93-94 in 7th inning before on occ.

9-8 from: - http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=4970  - When Science Hill High School (Johnson City, Tenn.) and East Cobb Yankees (Marietta, Ga.) standout left-hander Daniel Norris learned Perfect Game had him ranked as the nation’s top prospect in the high school class of 2011, he had two immediate reactions – if that’s possible. There was an initial sense of gratitude. “When I first heard about it and went and looked at it, the first thing that came into my head was, what a high honor,” Norris said. “For people to think that highly of me, just seeing me a couple of times and to project me as that, it’s really touching and it’s exciting.” There was also an initial sense of mission. “I’m going to have to work extra hard to stay here,” he remembered thinking. “Honestly, for you-all to rank me No. 1, it’s made me a harder worker. I remember seeing a quote … that said ‘It’s easier to become No. 1 than to remain No. 1.’ It really kind of stuck with me.

http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=5030  - On the high school side most seem to be in agreement that the prep crop is led by left-handed hurler Daniel Norris. At this point in time he too is considered a likely candidate to be selected among the top five to 10 overall picks. Norris has already received some comparisons to Purke, with a similarly effective one-two punch. Norris throws more of a true slow curveball to complement his easy low-90s heater that has been clocked as high as 96. He shows good command of his repertoire, which also includes a promising changeup, and is a good overall athlete and competitor.

11-10-10: -  http://www.tossitaround.com/baseball-news/prospect-news/9003-top-70-prospects-for-the-2011-draft-4.html  - Daniel Norris is one of the most sensational players to watch on the field and he is only a senior in high school. Norris is a tall left hander as he is listed at 6’2 180 but he has the heart of a champion that he displays both on the field and off of it. Let’s start with his on field accomplishments. Winning has always been at the top of the list for the young left hander. He displayed this most prominently during his junior year when he compiled an 8-0 record with a 1.96 ERA. Even more impressive was that he struck out 140 batters in only 64 innings. He has been a dominating force ever since he stepped on the mound for Science Hill High School. With his junior year stats he pushed his overall record in high school to 26-1. He has lost only one game in 3 years and will be looking to keep it that way as he takes the mound during his senior season. Norris has a fastball that has topped out at 96 MPH which is also something rare for a left handed pitcher. He has also shown that he has some polished off speed pitches as well. He throws a very hard breaking curveball and a great change up that seemingly dances away from the hitter’s bats. All of his pitches have great movement on them, which makes him very dangerous at the next level. Norris is also a man of great character and has not let the hype of being a top ranked prospect change the way that he lives his life. He is a role model for other kids in the community as he is very active with helping wherever he can. Norris is a proud and active member of the church in his community as he goes on missions trips and is trying to help out those that are less fortunate than himself. He knows that God has blessed him with the abilities that he has and he is doing everything that he can to glorify him through his work. He helps out in school by tutoring other kids and also works with the special needs children. His work on and off of the field has gotten him national praise around the baseball community as he was awarded the National High School Player of the Year and was also awarded the Jackie Robinson Award, which is given to a high school player that not only has a great amount of talent on the field but also displays outstanding character, exhibits leadership, truly shows the value of being a student athlete in both coursework and community affairs and displays a true love for the game of baseball just like Jackie Robinson. They could not have selected a better person for the award. Norris is doing more at the High School level than most people can accomplish in their entire lives. He is not taking anything for granted and knows that he has been blessed with a great gift. He will continue to work hard and get better, which is a scary thing to hear if you are a hitter. Daniel Norris is the most talented left hander in the 2011 draft class and this is something that has not gone unnoticed by scouts who have seen him play. He has electric stuff and will surely be a 1st round selection if he decides to pass up college. As of right now Norris has committed to play at Clemson following his senior year but only time will tell if he is going to head to campus or if he is off to the bright lights of major league baseball. It is not only his talents on the field that will make him a top selection in the draft, but it is also the intangibles that he brings off the field. Teams are always looking for a player that will have the ability to lead a team. Norris will never settle for anything less than winning and his infectious attitude will surely rub off on all of the players that he has a chance to play with. That is why he will be one of the top selections in the 2011 draft in June.

11-11-10 from: - http://xmlbscout.angelfire.com/  - #3 - LHP Daniel Norris Science Hill HS, Johnson City Tenn 6'2 190 - quality lefty with arm strength and arm speed from upper 3/4 slot, also one of top HS QB's in state, tends to open early on occ causing elbow to get under pitches, fb velocity ranges from 88-94, most are 90-91, cb true 2/6 downward plane action and throws strikes but pitches up more than he needs to which could hurt him in pro ball. Pro instruction will be needed to help him repeat his delivery to be effective in pro ball. Stamina also a concern, but has shown 93-94 in 7th inning before on occ.


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