25 Minor League Mets Granted Free Agency


25 Minor League Mets were granted free agency this week. They were:

 Pitchers: Manny Alvarez (AAA), Boof Bonser (AAA), Ricky Brooks (AA), Jose de la Torre (AAA), John Lujan (AAA), Brian Sweeney (AAA), Gabriel Zavala (R), Gustavo Chacin (AAA), Justin Hampson (AAA), Taylor Tankersley (AAA)

C: Raul Chavez (AAA), Salomon Manriquez (AAA), Dusty Ryan (AA)

1B: Valentino Pascucci (AAA), Stefan Welch (Hi A)

SS: Jose Coronado (Hi A), Luis Figueroa (AAA), Chin-lung Hu (AAA), Jonathan Malo (AA), Niuman Romero (AA)

OF: Bubba Bell (AAA), Jason Botts (AAA), Jesus Feliciano (AAA), Brahiam Maldonado (AA), Fernando Perez (AAA)

This is the time of the year that this happens. Most teams shed themselves of the AAAA players they had under contract the previous year, primarily as emergency backups in case of major league injuries.

In addition, many of these can, and possibly will, resign with the team; however, they have been granted free agency and I’m sure they and their representatives will first take a look around to see if anyone is interested.

I’m always sorry to see the kids depart, but I especially will miss De La Torre and Welsh. Both have earned themselves a continuation of their professional career. All Jose has done wrong is get hurt and Welsh is stuck behind Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, Nick Evans, Daniel Murphy, Josh Satin, and Allan Dykstra at first base.

Ex-Mets that were also granted free agency today were: Gaby Hernandez, Brian Stokes, Chris Carter, Shawbn Bowman, Ruben Gotay, Mike Broadway, Royce Ring, Omir Santos, Mike Cervenak, Anderson Hernandez, Chase Lambin, Lenny Dinardo, Adam Heilman, Tagg Bozied, Nelson Figueroa, Tyler Yates, Willie Collazo, and… wait for it… Oliver Perez.


SC said...

Mets should bring back Shawn Bowman!

He hit .278 with 8 hr's in 180 AB's for Gwinnett. Wouldn't hurt to have him back in AAA.

Mack said...

Frankly, he is more talented than Zach Lutz.

Charles said...

Bowman is AAAA...why waste the time. The Mets are building for 2013 or 2014, but their prospects alone will not be enough. Unless this Madoff situation gets resolved within the next year, they're in trouble for a long time. They'll desperately need the funds to plug the holes in their roster with talented players that will be costly. Something a "big market team" should be capable of, yet right now and maybe even in 2014, they cant. I know they have talent on the verge, but so do the Braves and Nationals, and thats just a couple of teams from their own division. I'm just really hoping the Wilpons can fix this mess, cause its a bad one and financially getting a lot worse. Honestly, what big market team ever lets their homegrown talent walk? The Mets are never going to be out of this mess until Madoff is long gone and there payroll has flexibility. I dont know, I just think that thinking come 2013 ~ 2014 will bring great, competitive years is not realistic. Madoff must be settled. Also, I have no clue what any of this has to do with Shawn Bowman, so please forgive my rant.

Mack said...

You talkin' to me...?

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