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11-4-11: - http://www.amazinavenue.com/2011/11/4/2538426/jose-reyes-roundtable-4-if-reyes-leaves-who-is-the-mets-shortstop-in  - Now should Tejada's development falter, all is not lost. That's because just behind him down in Triple-A Buffalo, Jordany Valdespin will be waiting for a chance to show off his far more versatile skillset at the next level. Valdespin has always flashed game-changing tools, it's just harnessing them that's been the tricky part. That is until this past season when he finally put it all together for a breakout campaign where he batted .294 with 17 homers and 37 stolen bases between Double and Triple-A. People might not like his severe lack of plate discipline or his somewhat out-of-control style of play, but frankly those are numbers you just don't often see from the shortstop position, at any level. But again, he's frustrated scouts for years with his rawness so the fact that Valdespin will actually be two years older than Tejada come April should be an indicator that his development has been anything but routine and consistency is not a part of his game.

The Mets, bless their hearts, ran their triple-A starters deep. I must have seen R.A. Dickey pitch six complete games when he was on the Buffalo Bisons. Recently, Brian Bass of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (PHI) went a full nine, throwing 120 pitches with no regard to regimen or program. It was the playoffs! They went for the win! It was too much; my heart couldn't take it. I console myself with the fact that the Mets suck pretty badly. Working their minor-league starters like draft horses has not vaulted them into contender territory. Sacrifices need to be made in order to foster a successful, winning team at the major-league level. I get that. It's all part of the greater plan. Everyone needs to be on board, perhaps the team manager most of all. But I wonder how everyone lives with it. As a player, wouldn't you be frustrated? Wouldn't it be difficult to suppress the wild desire to win EVERY TIME? As the manager, how do you feel having much of your power wrested away by the guys upstairs? http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=15404

As soon as free agency began, Jose Reyes and the Mets probably parted ways. The Mets are in deep financial trouble and are continuing the spin doctor approach of building a cost efficient team. In other words, they don’t have money. Meanwhile, Reyes is just 28 years old and easily the most electrifying player on the free agent market. Pujols and Fielder will get the attention because chicks still dig the long ball, but considering his position and his ability to dominate the game in more than one way, Reyes may be the best free agent available. Health is an issue, but talent and usefulness isn’t. He’s really the only game changing leadoff hitter available. This is just a hunch–the Phillies will go hard after Reyes with a bunch of salary off the books. They have a reputation of being an offensive team, but their offense has been MIA for a year or two. Reyes would be an ideal fit. http://thebaseballscribe.com/2011/11/05/quick-hits-early-hot-stove

The team the Mets are focusing upon the most is the Angels, who they know have had interest in Wright previously and, in Mike Trout and Peter Bourjos, have two young center fielders. The Angels will not move Trout, who made his major league debut at 19 last year and is seen as a five-tool cornerstone to their future. But Bourjos is a possibility. Two different talent evaluators told me they thought Bourjos was one of the three best defensive center fielders in the majors last year. Bourjos, who turns 25 in March, also hit .271 with 12 homers and 22 steals. If the Mets are able to get Bourjos and one or two arms from a group that includes Tyler Chatwood, Garrett Richards and John Hellweg, it could be enticing because there also would be a significant amount of saved money for 2012 — take your pick if that ends up in ownerships’ pockets or reinvested in payroll. http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/mets/source_mets_open_to_wright_deal_UJ6FhfhAW6PtCnXHrS3CXJ?CMP=OTC-rss&FEEDNAME=&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

After having his option declined by the Cleveland Indians, Grady Sizemore is now a free agent.  The New York Mets – in search of an upgrade in center field – automatically become a speculative landing spot for the former All-Star.  Andy McCollough of the Star Ledger tweets that a Grady Sizemore union with the  New York Mets is unlikely.  Grady Sizemore was one of the best players in the game as recently as 2008 with his package of speed, power and defense.  Naturally his name still rings bells among baseball fans.  Not many people really know what type of condition and shape that Grady Sizemore is in right now, but you can’t help but doubt his ability to handle center field on a daily basis.  Not only that, but how much money is he going to want?  He made about $7.6 million in 2011 and you have to figure that is the absolute ceiling of what he’ll get in 2012.  More than likely though he’s probably looking at a lower base salary with some incentives.  Still, would it be a number that the New York Mets are willing to go to for a guy who may not be able to handle center field duty for 145-155 games? http://www.rantsports.com/new-york-mets/2011/11/05/passing-on-grady-sizemore-is-probably-a-wise-move-for-the-new-york-mets


Michael S. said...

Obviously, I'd want the Mets to ask on Trout if the Angels want Wright. Unfortunately, I think the Post is right....however, getting a package of players featuring Bourjos wouldn't be the end of the world.

The issue is the same as it is with Reyes - regardless of what the Mets get back in trade for Wright, the will have other holes to fill on the roster. Will they make the commitment to spend (appropriately, not just for the sake of spending) in order to fill those gaps and field a competitive team sooner rather than later.

Charles said...

Michael, its true, all the rebuilding crap is all spin doctoring. They really are in over there head financially. The party is over man, and the days of getting a big free agent during the offseason are over. Remember when they JUST signed Jason Bay and fans were pissed thats all they got? Those days are long gone, the piggy bank is empty. What I don't get is why the Wilpons insist on sinking with the ship? Why not get the Einhorn deal done, get the 200 million, do everything in your power to make sure the "path to ownership" isnt completed by Einhorn, and bring your team back from the brink of death valley? They really are, because of their insistence to keep this team in their family, destroying the franchise. Its not about rebuilding, thats all smoke and mirrors. They have nothing, and I wonder how they'll pay for their roster this year. I truely believe, that if Alderson knew this team would be in these dire straits, he'd have never signed his contract. He was expecting moneyball with money, and he ended up with Fred and Jeff Wilpon's big streaming pile of.....(you can fill in the blank).

Michael S. said...

The Wilpons would never do anything to dilute their control. Their egos are too large. The fact that Jeff has the prominent role that he does is evidence of that.

My hope is that they can build a roster of mostly cheap young players and still add an expensive player or two.

Mack said...

Michael is correct.

The Wilpons' will never change

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