Mack On Baseball - Leave Dickey Alone

I'm sitting here watching R.A. Dickey live on CNN talking about his upcoming climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

This is embarrassing.

Do the Mets actually need more bad press?

Can you imagine Fred Wilpon going into the office one day just after he fought his way through the parking lot to get away from both reporters and bill collectors... and one of his underlings (i.e.Jeff) come in and tell him one of his pitchers is going to climb a mountain.?

R.A. defended the Mets in their decision to send him a letter saying his salary would be void if he injures himself on the mountain. He even said he would have sent the same letter if he was in that position.

I think the world has heard enough of the bad side of this.

Let's just get behind the charity he's raising funds for. Human trafficking is a worldwide tragedy and the raising of funds to eradicate it have got my attention.


Joe said...

Thanks for writing this. It really is a great cause he's climbing for and it should get more attention for that than the risk.

Maybe Dickey wants all of this "bad" press to raise more awareness for Outreach Mumbai. If there's a baseball player intellectual and clever enough to pull something like that off...it'd be him haha.

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