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Very Early 2012 Mock Draft

1) Houston Astros- Mark Appel RHP- If the Astro's are gonna get out of the cellar any time soon, they need help in the minors and quick too. Appel could become a rotation anchor and could go through the minors quickly.

2) Minnesota Twins- Mike Zuzino- C- The Twins could also use a good- hitting catcher, especially since it's doubtful Mauer would return to being a catcher any time soon. Of course they also need help with pitching and could go with McCullers or Giolito here too.

3) Seattle Mariners- Byron Buxton- OF- The Mariners need bats. Period. They have sufficient pitching and their rotation is top notch with Pineda and Felix, along with Hultzen in the minors, but they just can't hit. Buxton is raw, but he has talent across the board and can provide a good bat to go along with Ackley and Smoak. The Mariners may need more than Buxton to turn the lineup around, but it's a good starting point.

12) New York Mets- Carlos Correa- SS- With the loss of Jose Reyes, the Mets don't really have many players in the majors nor in the minors to fill the void. But Correa could fill that gap with solid defensive tools and outstanding power.

the rest of the list...  http://www.minorleagueball.com/2011/12/26/2661876/very-early-2012-mock-draft


Joe said...

i REALLY like Correa but there isn't much chance he stays at short. third is more likely. great lookin prospect though

Mack said...

Every mock has someone else.

I still believe the Mets should draft "the best person available" at the time of their pick, regardless of position.

However, it's going to be hard to avoid drafted either a catcher or an outfielder with pop.

Michael S. said...

Looks like Zunino keeps gaining in popularity...doubtful he'll be there for the Mets.

I still think it'll be one of the better college bats.

Mack said...


mock guys love catchers because there are so few that do everything right.

Zunino has a backup that's blocked that could also go in the first two rounds... Austin Maddox

Joe said...

"However, it's going to be hard to avoid drafted either a catcher or an outfielder with pop."

Victor Roache?

Mack said...

Roache is an animal. I plan on attending at least 3 of his games.

He is a first baseman still learning to play the but it would be hard to pass on that bat i he was still around at #12...

looks like a young Ryan Howard

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