Frank Gray - Mets Fans: A Nation in Crisis...Again

Mets Fans: A Nation in Crisis...Again

The New York Mets fans are a proud people. They have to be. Their team has only won two World Series titles in 50 years and they only have one player inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame. They don't have as much to hold on to as fans of other franchises. As a Mets fan I can completely understand this logic; Be proud of what you have.

They have had a long history of bad moments. A few years ago they lived the ultimate fan nightmare. Their biggest division rival played their biggest inter-league rival in the World Series. They had a tough choice to make. Support the Phillies? Support the Yankees? Don't watch TV at all for the next three weeks? These fans are acquainted with grief.

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David Groveman said...

Sadly I'm not a typical "Et" fan. I love my Mets but after that comes the Devils and Giants.

I understand why some Yankee fans feel no animosity towards the Mets or their fans because as a Giant fan, watching the Jets win is like your kid brother finally turning on your fastball. As a Devil fan... well I have no idea how anyone with a soul could ever root for the Ranger franchise... but I think most of hockey is in that boat with me.


When I was watching the Phillies play the Yankees... I was rooting for a meteor wiping out mankind before the final pitch.

Mack Ade said...

I am part of the Woodstock Generation.

You root for one New York City football, baseball, hockey, and baseketball team.


Charles said...

I rooted for the Yankees. I hate every team in the NL east and will always root for whatever team is playing them. I will never root for the Phillies or Braves and if they ever play each other in the playoffs, baseball is dead to me because that's the ultimate insult as a Mets fan. If the Yanks are In the world series I'll root for them because I'm a NY'er. However, I do root for the Red Sox to win the AL every year(especially now with Bobby V on board). Go Giants...go Rangers...hate basketball....

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