Mack Ade - Revised Keepers - #11-20


Revised Keepers - #11-20

I continue my update.

#11 – RHSP Akeel Morris – I’m really a ‘ceilings’ guy when it comes to prospects and that’s about all Morris has at this point, but, boy does he have it. It’s going to take a few seasons for him to control what God gave him, but he’s one of the few potential SP1/2’s in the system.

#12 – RHSP Domingo Tapia – Tapia impressed a lot of people when he pitched six shutout innings on the last game of the Brooklyn Cyclones season. He also made the radar gun hit three numbers. Similar to Morris, he will begin to learn how to control his heat in 2012, probably in Savannah.

#13 – LHRP Josh Edgin – Forget ceiling when you talk about this guy. He has it right now and could make Queens by the end of the 2012 season. A big-time lefty pen dude who was just about perfect last season.

#14 – RHSP Michael Fulmer – another all-ceiling pitcher drafted out of high school Already hits 95, and has an impressive curve. Look for him to head up the Cyclones rotation.

#15 – OF Cesar Puello - Puello did not have a great season in 2011, but scouts will tell you that he still projects as the top Mets outfield prospects. He has lived so far on his 5-tool reputation, but it's going to take plate discipline for him to make it someday to Queens. The good news is his projected pop started to show last season.

#16 – SS Jordany Valdespin – "Spin" hit is first speed bump late last season when he was promoted to AAA. He will return there to get his bat working again and wait for that phone call that always comes from Queens. Yes, that will be the call saying either a shortstop or second baseman has been injured. Only then, will the world be "spun".

#17 – 3B Wilmer Flores – Flores will move over to third base this season in hopes of finding a position he can stick at. He continues to fall down on the prospect ranking lists and it’s not because of his defense. His projected power just isn’t developing and this could be a critical year for his Mets experience.

#18 – OF Matt den Dekker –  den Dekker is the obvious best candidate to someday become the Mets centerfielder, but his age is working against him. He's potentially a Golden Glover with great speed, and his power did start to develop in AA last year. 2012 is a critical year for Matt, who could easily be bypassed by younger guys if he stumbles.

#19 – LHRP Jack Leathersich – It's easy to say that the reason I ranked him this high was the 26 strikeouts he had last year for the Mets in 12.1-IP. The fact is that's exactly whey I have him ranked here. He a lefty that sits at 95. Enough said.

#20 – RHSP Logan Verrett - Verrett signed late last season, so the third-rounder never put on a Mets uniform. He's a low-90's guy, with three plus pitches. A Sunday starter at Baylor. 


David Groveman said...

Now, on Mr. Leathersich I've also heard people say that he might be used as a starter moving forward. As excited as I am by his RIDICULOUS 2011 numbers I wonder if he's bound for Brooklyn, Kingsport or Savannah to be a starter and stretch out his arm.

Anonymous said...

The best numbers in the system last year was TJ Chism...and if I am right, his numbers weren't too bad the year before...

Mack Ade said...


I think "Leather" will stay in the pen for a couple of reasons, one being the fact that the Mets just have too many SPs at that level right now.


Chism is one of those guys that we always say "hasn't done anything wrong yet", but let's temper that with the fact that he was a 23-year old pitching Brooklyn.

The Mets need to send him to St. Lucie in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Can't agree with you more the fact that Chism should have a chance in Lucie...fact that he was 23 pitching in Brooklyn it only proves to me that he is another under rated/esitmated pitcher .. Let's face it...he was drafted at a low draft...There only interested in higher draft picks... something like getting "there monies worth".. "hasn't done anything wrong yet" Looks like to me the more playing time he gets, the better he is. Sorry Mack, all my bets on Chism....

Mack Ade said...

I'm glad your moolah is on TJ.

These would be the pitchers standing in his way to go to St. Lucie:

Cory Mazzoni
Logan Verrett
Tyler Pill
Greg Peavey
Jack Leathersich
Hamilton Bennett
Chase Huchingson
Taylor Whitenton
Adam Kolarek
Yohan Almonte
Brant Rustich
Gonzalez Germen
Angel Cuan
Ryan Fraser
Ronny Moria

There has to be a big list of cuts soon, based on the fact that the system still has enough players to fill the GCL team, which doesn't exist anymore.

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