Top Prospect Alert - 2014 Major League Baseball Top 100 Prospect Rankings


1. Byron Buxton - Twins
2. Xander Bogaerts - Red Sox
3. Oscar Tavares - St. Louis
4. Archie Bradley - Arizona
5. Gregory Polanco - Pitsburgh
6. Taijuan Walker - Seattle
7. Masahiro Tanaka - NYY
8. Addison Russell - A's
9. Noah Syndergaard - Mets
10. Jonathan Gray - Colorado

21. Travis d'Arnaud - Mets

52. Rafael Montero - Mets

56. Dominic Smith - Mets



The Closer said...

It's about time someone has Dominic Smith in their Top 100 prospects list. By most accounts, he and Singleton are the two top rated 1B in baseball, but yet DSmith is left off a lot of the lists. Personally, I think we should have 5-6 guys in the top 100, with Syndergard in the 10-15 range, D'Arnaud in the 20-25 range, Montero, Smith, Flores & Puello all in the 75-100 range, which would equate to us having a 5-10 best ranked minor system.

If not for the BioGeneis thing, I think Puello would have been a lock for the Top 100 list given his season last year. He just needs to prove he can do that without links to Peds. D'Arnaud will graduate from this list in May, Syndergard, Montero, Puello and Flores will likely all graduate by seasons end and join the big club, leaving Dominic Smith and who else to be on next years Top 100 prospect list as the Mets representatives?

My votes are for Herrera, Nimmo, Cecchini, Flexan, Matz, Fulmer, Ynoa, Plawecki, our 1st round draft pick, to carry the torch as the next generation of top Mets prospects going into 2015.

Mack Ade said...

Closer -

We've got an exclusive interview with Dom coming up in the next couple of weeks...

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