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We spend a lot of time at Mack’s Mets arguing debating about what the club shoulda or coulda done better, and generally what we clever people saw coming before anyone else did. I thought it time we put down some of our baseball insights on the record in the form of playoff predictions. Let’s see who really knows baseball! 

I don’t have any cash prizes to offer (Mack?) but surely the winner will have some bragging rights, and we will listen respectfully to his or her recommendations for the offseason. At least for a few days.

So, let’s take it one round at a time. We know the matchups in the Division series, and we even know some of the initial results. But, before all hell breaks loose tonight, we can still make our predictions in relative ignorance.

My own predictions:

Blue Jays- Rangers - Blue Jays in 5
I just can’t bet against that Toronto lineup. Even after last night’s game. And I will be cheering for RA to pitch a CG shutout in his start. 

Royals - Astros- Astros in 4
The Astros have got that special mix of young talent and Dallas Keuchel, and maybe just maybe Carlos Gomez is about to go on a hot streak.

Cards-Cubs- Cubs in 3
Like the Astros the Cubs have oodles of young talent - and Mr Arrieta. The Cubs are my pick for World Series Champion. The Cubs scare me, frankly, for the medium term. 

Dodgers-Mets - Dodgers in 4
This is not what I want, and could go either way, but if we’re betting, then - given recent performance - the smart money has to be on the Dodgers. Let’s hope I am completely wrong. 

So in summary:

Division Series Outcome
Blue Jays- Rangers Jays in 5         3-2
Royals - Astros Astros in 4 1-3
Cards-Cubs Cubs in 3         0-3
Dodgers-Mets Dodgers in 4 3-1

We will score by how many games you’re out. 
i.e. if the Mets win in 5 then I will score -2. 

Les Jeux Sont Fait!


Mack Ade said...

Blue Jays- Rangers - Blue Jays in 5

I think the blue Jays are just getting started

Royals - Astros- Royals in 5

It's hard for me to vote against the incumbents

Cards-Cubs- Cards in 4

same same

Dodgers-Mets - Dodgers in 4

I just can't vote with my heart here

As for a prize, I think I have a Susan B. Anthony dollar lying around somewhere...

Anonymous said...

The Mets are gonna win!! LETS GO METS!! You gotta believe...

Thomas Brennan said...

I am leaning towards Macks' pick in his post to your article, except I have the Mets in 4. Kirk Nieuwenhuis will not be NLDS MVP, that much I know.

I went to lunch at the Black Sheep with co-workers and the first 2 innings of the Jays and Rangers were fascinating. If I moved to Toronto, I'd go to games to see them hit.

Stubby said...

Rangers in 3

Royals in 5

Cubs in 5

Mets in 4

I guess I see things differently (surprise, surprise).

Price already lost. I think that signals that Toronto's out of gas. Besides, every so-called "expert" on Yahoo picked the Jays to win it all. Every last one of them. Those guys are never right.

Experience counts for something. KC has it, Houston doesn't.

I already saw the Series winner -- in Back to The Future II. Cubs will amaze everyone and make that movie bit real. It'll be the subject of conspiracy theories for decades. OTOH, St. Louis lies down for no one. It'll be a battle.

Gotta go with the Mets. The Dodgers limped to the finish line more than the Mets did. In a quote that's been attributed to both Casey and Yogi: "Good pitching beats good hitting and vice versa". The Dodgers have Kershaw & Greinke. And Greinke's been very human lately. The Mets have Harvey, deGrom, Thor and Matz. The Dodgers bullpen is shakier than the Mets bullpen. And, although I posited I wanted him in the rotation, the change of pace from 95mph fastballs to 87mph Bartolo Colon fastballs--in game--will keep the Dodgers off balance. I actually think the Mets will beat Kershaw at least once and lose to Greinke once. Plus, in the second half, the Mets had the better offense. I think the Mets got this. Then, sadly, the Cubs will buzzsaw right through us on their way to the championship. Chicago is peaking at the right time.

If my usual percentages hold, I'm right on two of these picks and so very wrong on two.

Derek McKnight said...

Toronto in 5

Kansas City in 5

Chicago in 4

Mets in 3, cause I believe, and Karma is a b***h if I go with the Dodgers

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