October 10th 2015 -- NLDS Game 2 -- Dodgers 5, Mets 2

Saturday night in Chavez Ravine, the Dodgers scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 7th inning as they came from behind to win game 2 of the NLDS 5-2. This one started like a carbon copy of game one. It was a pitcher’s duel between Noah Syndergaard and Zach Grienke. The Mets drew first blood when Yoenis Cespedes hit an opposite field homer off Grienke in the top of the 2nd to make it 1-0. Two batters later Michael Conforto lined a bullet off the foul pole right to make it 2-0 Mets. For Conforto it was a homer in his first post season at bat.  The game stayed 2-0 until the Dodgers got to Thor in the bottom of the 4th inning.  Former Met Justin Turner hit a ground rule double and then scored on a double by Andre Either. In the 7th, the Dodgers took control.  With one out Syndergaard walked Enrique Hernandez who then stole second.  Pinch hitter Chase Utley then singled to right to make it 1st and 3rd.  Syndergaard was then pulled by Terry Collins and in came Bartolo Colon.  Colon yielded a grounder up the middle by Howie Kendrick that was flipped by Daniel Murphy to Ruben Tejada who was violently taken out by Utley allowing Hernandez to score tying the game.  Tejada was carted off the field and after an umpire review Utley was called safe at 2nd.  With one out Addison Reed came on and he allowed a 2 run double by Adrian Gonzalez to make it 4-2 and then Turner continued to haunt his former team with an RBI double to right center and it was 5-2. Jonathon Niese was then called on to retire Justin Ruggiano, but the damage was done.  Hansel Robles retired the Dodgers quietly in the 8th.  Kenley Jansen pitched the 9th for the save. Syndergaard was impressive in the starting lasting 6 2/3 allowing 5 hits 3 runs (earned) walking 4 and striking out 9. He takes the loss.  Grienke went 7 allowing 5 hits the 2 runs and struck out 8 notching the win.  Bad news on Tejada, he suffered a fractured right fibula. He is done for the season. The series is now tied a 1-1.  But the Mets did manage to neutralize the home advantage as now the next two out of three are in Flushing. Sunday is a travel day as the NLDS comes to Citi Field Monday night.  Matt Harvey (13-8 2.71) goes for the Mets, Brett Anderson (10-9 3.69) goes for Los Angeles. 


Michael S. said...

In all my years of watching baseball I've only been in favor of throwing at 3 players because it's a dirty, dirty thing to do.

1 - Clemens after he beamed Piazza

And now

2 - End AGon's season
3 - End Utley's career

I don't care where the pitches go as long as they do the job. That was some of the dirtiest BS I've ever seen and I can't remember being this angry. This team needs to come together and get some fighting spirit and not let this go unanswered.

Michael S. said...


Stubby said...

The slide was late, the slide was high, the slide was directed towards the fielder and not the bag. At the very least, that should be an automatic out and ejection. OTOH, I would not want any Mets pitchers to deliberately go head-hunting. Retribution is best accomplished by beating these MFers. Don't take your eye off the prize.

Michael S. said...

I don't want anyone getting tossed or suspended for too long. But if the Mets are up enough late in the game, send in Robles to send someone to the ER.

Hopefully this team is so angry they go out and stomp out the next two games. I can only hope Utley's douchebaggery has lit a fire and awakened a sleeping giant.

Stubby said...

"But if the Mets are up enough late in the game, send in Robles to send someone to the ER."

And that, in turn, would fire up the Dodgers. Use the incident as fuel to win. Just win. Anything else is a distraction we can't afford.

Ernest Dove said...

No point in Mets hitting anybody.......its not the 162 regular season no time for suspensions........especially since I DOUBT Dodgers play Utley again in this series. To b honest I think Mattingly should respect the game of baseball and not play utley again in this series.if he does he deserves to get a 97mph fastbAll into his back and umps should WARN the teams after and thats it.

Michael S. said...

A) not if the game and series are already in hand

B) I seem to remember Bud Harrelson not willing to take any dirty BS from Pete Rose in a series the Mets won.

They've already drawn first blood, worrying about what fires them up is silly.

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