Mack – The World Series – Post Game 2 Thoughts


Good afternoon.

Going into Game 2, The Mets are 50-34 .595 all time in the Postseason tied with Yankees for best all time winning Percentage in MLB history.

Tonight Is going to be tough for me to prepare this report. I’m still in Florida with my recovering mother-in-law and her Tea Party sister and husband are coming over for the debate. There’s only one television here, so I’m stuck with following the game online and commenting after following ‘the action’ on MiLB.com.

I will say that I am much more apprehensive going into this game. The Mets had two decent leads, the first with two runs and the last in the eighth inning, both of which we are used to getting our own way. Enough happened in Game 1 to insure a victory and nothing really spectacular was done by Kansas City. One more piece of timely hitting by a Met while one of their late runners were on base would have sealed victory here.
Last pre-game thought. You have to do everything you can to keep Michael Cuddyer on the bench for this series. He simply has outlived this game both with a bat and a glove in his hand. My hopes are the team just quietly DFA him when the season ends and write this one off as a yes expensive Jason Bay type signing.

Lucas Duda continues to be our brightest star so far in this World Series. He continues to find the small holes in the three infielders that play between first and second base. You can’t do this without tremendous bat speed at the time of ball release.

Boy, it sure looked like Juan Lagares lackadaisically tried to catch that fly ball in the fourth inning. Maybe a little mustard on that hot dog. The fact is he is not the outfielder he was a year ago and he’s still in need of off season corrective surgery.

Simply put, Jacob deGrom just ran out of gas in the fifth inning when the Kansas City hitting faced him for the third time in the game. I know everyone got sick and tired of hearing the Fox announcers talking how good this Royols team is, but they really are and they have picked apart the one area (starting pitching) that all the experts said that the Mets would dominate in.

If I have to see, one more time, Yoenis Cespedes tap his toes four times after striking…

Look, this is a bad loss and the team has to come home down 0-2, but we are still in the World Series and it’s still who is first to win four games gets the whole enchilada. 


Reese Kaplan said...

So when a pitcher runs out of gas, doesn't a good manager make a change instead of letting him absorb a beating? That's two nights in a row of inertia and it cost them both times.

Thomas Brennan said...

In fairness to Terry, deGrom was often one pitch away from getting out of the inning, and it did not happen, but if it were me, Jake if we get to game 6, and he needs as much freshness as he can get if we are to win that game.

Anonymous said...

I still think they can do it.

The Collins bashing is absurd.

Look at the players.

James Preller

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

I agree.

DeGrom should have been pulled before the last two batters that got hits.

Mack Ade said...

James -

And I agree with you also. Hindsight is easy and Reese always has a lot of it when it comes to TC.

The fact remains that the Royals are a more balanced and talented team and the Mets need to play errorless, intelligent baseball in order to compete against these guys.

For example, you can't dive for a fly ball in front of you in a World Series game?

I'm thrilled the Mets are in the World Series and, even if they lose the next two games, I will remain thrilled. I never expected to see this happen this year.

Anonymous said...

series was lost in game one bottom of the ninth Mets ace closer with 2 outs could not get it done. Hats off to Gordon for putting a good swing on a 97 mile fast ball. My only concern is did he know what was coming and in what location - did royals steal signs or have a spy in the sky

IBfromWhitePlains said...

Yeah Mack. The Cespedes toe-tapping. I noticed Lagares do it last night too. That and hotdog miss on a play he always made. Arghhh. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but what works for Cespedes won't work for Lagares if, in fact, Cespedes is having an influence on his approach to the game.

Gary Seagren said...

Look any of us would have signed up for making it this far even a month ago. Fact is some teams match up well with us and some don't. The Dodger series was very close and could have gone either way.... even match. We obviously matched up well against the Cubbies and the results showed and we dominated. The Royals on the other hand don't look like any other team we faced and its showing even though as Yogi once said "It aint over till it's over". I remember the 73' World series and how different it must have felt to the players to go from the highly charged electric atmosphere of the 3 night games at Shea (they actually played some day games back then....imagine that!) and then go to the serenity of sunny day games in Oakland and we all know how that series played out even though I know that wasn't the only reason we lost ( George Stone instead for game 6 ) but could have been a factor. Having said all that I'm just hoping the reverse happens starting Friday night.

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