The Morning Report 10.20.2015 | Cubs Prepare for "Must-Win" Game 3, Murphy's Improving Free Agency Stock, Harvey Dealing with Sore Tricep


Peter Marzano Call to the Pen- So far, things have not broken in the Cubs favor. After dropping both games at Citi Field to the New York Mets, the Cubs find themselves in an 0-2 hole heading back to Wrigley Field. For Chicago, 25-year-old right hander Kyle Hendricks gets the call, who went 4.2 innings, allowing three earned runs whilst striking out seven in Game 2 of the NLDS. With Game 3 presenting a “must-win” feeling for Chicago, an awakening of their dormant offense would be a necessity to get back in the series, as the Cubs have mustered just three runs in the first two games of this series. Facing deGrom on the mound, this will be no easy task for Chicago.

(Chris Soto: The Mets have a distinct advantage here in terms of the quality of the SP being sent to the mound tonight. Hendricks has made excellent improvements year over year from his solid rookie season when he finished 7th in the ROY voting. He has seen his K rate jump from 5.3 per 9 IP to 8.4 per 9 IP and his FIP of 3.36 is consistent with a solid #3 rotation guy. Unfortunately for him, he has to toe the rubber against deGrom who is a legitimate Cy Young caliber ace. This game will be tougher than most Mets fans think as it should be another excellent low scoring game.)

Bob Klapisch Newsday- Any Yankee-centric person – executive, player, even an observant fan – was able to recognize the signature on Daniel Murphy’s home run off Jake Arrieta on Sunday night. Murphy’s blast was really just a curl shot around the right-field foul pole, the kind that’s perfectly tailored for Yankee Stadium. That’s what makes Murphy’s playoff run is so intriguing. Not only is he hoisting the Mets toward the World Series, but he’s made himself attractive to teams looking for home run power, and that includes the Yankees. That hook drive off Arrieta? Murphy could hit 25 of those in the Bronx, which would make him worth the $10 million to $12 million per season he’ll be looking for in the open market, probably for three years.

(Chris Soto: Ugh...I hate that this information about the Mets not potentially re-signing Murphy came out during the playoffs. Can anything be kept in house anymore? Quite frankly...if all it's going to take is 3 yr, $12M per season to keep Daniel Murphy...if I'm the Mets... I'm inclined to match that offer and keep him. "The Irish Hammer" has been the most consistent player on this club for the past 4 seasons. His average stat line over the past 4 years has been .287 AVG, 12 HR, 76 RBI, 14 SB, .742 OPS, 12.1% K rate. I'm sorry, but you can not sell me the hope that someone like Dilson Herrera, Matt Reynolds, or Wilmer Flores is going to be able to match that stat line.) 

Joe D Metsmerized Online- Speaking to reporters at Wrigley Field in Chicago  Mets manager Terry Collins said that Matt Harvey‘s right triceps is “pretty sore and pretty swelled up” after getting hit by a come-backer to the mound off the bat of Dexter Fowler in his Game 1 start.“He’s doing his treatment. The doctors looked at it yesterday. He was in great shape. He’s in great spirits. Actually, it might have been better when he pitched, because it kept it stretched out, instead of putting ice on it and contracting it right away. It might have been beneficial that he was able to continue to throw and keep that thing stretched out.“No flaws. No apprehension in his throwing. No concern on our behalf,” Warthen said.

(Chris Soto: I figured something was going to come out of that game Harvey pitched. He got nailed twice by come-backers to the mound with the second one really catching him good. The Mets would be wise to finish this series off as quickly as possible so that they can use the time to not only rest Harvey....but Syndergaard, deGrom, and Familia as well. Should the series go to a Game 5, the club could turn to Bartolo Colon to make that start.) 


Thomas Brennan said...

Murphy going to the Yanks, where he would no doubt excel with the short porch, would be a PR disaster. Had they made the right field fences at Citifield shorter as I suggested last fall, that differential would be minimized, one more factor for Murph to think about if Yanks do enter the picture, since the Bronx park would be a big hitting advantage for him.

Let's say he hit 7 more homers at Yank Stadium - that would turn him from a mid .280s moderate power guy to a .300 hitter with 20-25 homers. Tempting.

I agree - sign the guy - he will be a worthwhile investment.

Mets up 3-0 this time tomorrow AM, behind a revitalized Jake D.

Mack Ade said...


The soreness in Harvey's arm could really effect his secondary pitches, especially any use of a curveball. Chicago will know this and look for his game to be dominated by fastballs.

Dallas said...

Everyone is getting way to caught up in the Murphy postseason. Enjoy his performance this post season but don't allow it to cloud your judgement. Make the right baseball decisions. Heck I didn't want to trade our Cy Young winner and wanted us to keep our batting champion but it all worked out because Sandy made the decisions without emotion. I believe Murphy is 22nd in WAR among 2nd baseman this year and we have options. Make him a QO and if he takes it great (give flexibility and he can be traded later), if not then we get a first rounder and are set with Herrera either way. Murphy didn't have a revelation and become Bonds, he is having a good hot streak.

Mack Ade said...

Dallas -

good approach

Zozo said...

I totally agree as well Dallas

Lew Rhodes said...

I love Daniel Murphy - but let's be real - we have seen him go on crazy hot streaks before - just without the power - I am very happy for him, but he isn't the long term answer for the Mets.

Besides - he is worth more to the Yanks than the Mets exactly because of their home field dimensions - I agree with Dallas - make him a QO - after this postseason there is no way he takes it and we recoup a draft pick.

If we want to compare Murphy to Herrera, let's look at similar level comparisons:

Murphy at AA Binghamton: 23 years old - .308/.374/.496

Herrera at AA Binghamton: 20 years old - .340/.406/.560

There is a very good reason that the Mets' FO is willing to let Murphy walk despite is above average steady bat for the past 6 years.

Herrera has put up substantially better numbers in the minors at a significantly younger age.

Also - speaking of power: Herrera has 6 HRs in 149 ML ABs - one every 25 ABs

Murphy's career: 62 HRs in 3354 ABs - or one every 54 AB's

So, Herrera has already shown more power than Murphy in limited ML time at a much, much younger (he is still 21) age.

I love Murphy, but I am salivating over Herrera.

Personally I would love the Mets to sign Murphy to be a super utility player to back up 1b/2b/3b - but I don't see that happening at his price tag

Lew Rhodes said...

Also - Murphy is 30, he isn't getting better - he will likley plateau for a couple of years and then start regressing

Hobie said...

I'm a baseball fan because I like watching guys like Murphy -- all the better when I can root for guys like like Murphy 'cause they're on my team.

And I want him on my team even when Herrera is the regular 2B (likely sometime 2016), he's my Wright/Duda insurance, Make the QO and offer a reasonable (admit I don't know what that is anymore) 3 yr deal.

Mack Ade said...

I started this blog to highlight the minor league players that might help the Mets some day. Murphy was one of them...

However, over the past few years I'm come to get more comfortable with the MAJOR league players that have already proved their value... like Murphy.

I like the QO idea, but NEVER count your minor league chickens before they hatch. Minor league stats simply don't mean you have a winner .

Thomas Brennan said...

True, Mack. Herrera may be a future star, but what if he hits .220 next year. Murphy is a known commodity with the stick.

Stubby said...

Some writers have said Murphy's value is not 13-14 mil per. The guy in the post figured he was worth what Chase Headley got--52 for four.

I love Murph. He's consistent and that's hard to come by. Hitters like Duda and Cespedes are streaky. Its good to have a guy in the lineup who you can count on most every day.

I don't know what the Mets think is the right baseball move. Herrera is still unproven at the major league level, but, if he flames out, you could always put Wilmer on second.

One thing I do know. It no longer makes any sense to forgo the qualifying offer. I don't think, going in, they'd planned to do so since it seemed well above market value. That isn't really the case anymore (if you're going to get red hot, kids, do it in October). So make the QO and, if Murph passes, at least we get a draft pick. I can live with that.

Stubby said...

That's "now", not "not" in the first line.

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