TOP 50 PROSPECTS: #31 THRU 35 – Tom Brennan



TOP 50 PROSPECTS: #31 THRU 35 – Tom Brennan
Before writing about our minor league prospects, what are our prospects in game 5 of the NLDS tonight?

I think Greinke will be cranky, as Jake ( no runs, 20 Ks in just 11 innings over his last 2 starts) makes like Hesheizer 1988 vs. the Dodgers.  Mets win in 5.   Place it resoundingly in the books, Howie.

Anyway, a minor league system that in 2015 promoted several, traded many, had several prospects run into the Tommy John buzzsaw, and saw a few guys go from prospect to suspect.  Leaving a diminished, but still solid, minor league system prospect-wise. 
(See website sidebar for the list of my #36-50 dudes, covered in prior articles.)
Today, here’s my #31 thru #35 - an Outfielder and 4 Infielders:
31.              KEVIN KACZMARSKI: The 23 year old 2015 ninth round pick was assigned too low, clearly.  He led the Appalachian League with a .355 average over 64 games, and had terrific OBP (.415) and SLG (.512), with 20 steals.  Zero errors!  I’d like to see him challenged in Savannah or even St Lucie in 2016 after such a fine season. Co-Sterling Award winner with Pat Mazelka.
32.              DANNY MUNO: James Preller will no doubt be glad to hear that no Brennan prospect list would be complete without Danny Muno.  Muno did not do enough with his little opportunity with the Mets in 2015 (.258 OB% in a little over 30 plate appearances), and faded down the stretch in AAA to finish at .277/.362/.369 (close to his .277/.390/.410 overall minor league career marks).  Got to be ready when opportunity knocks, but he is a scrapper. Maybe he figures out that final hurdle, gets that chance with the Mets or another organization in 2016, and succeeds next time. He will play as a 27 year old in 2016, so time is running short.
33.              LUIS CARPIO: one of the Mets’ prime international signings, Luis excelled as a 17 year old in Kingsport, with a .304/.372/.359 split in 45 games.  8 errors – not bad at all at that age. Will be exciting to see how this apparently fine prospect will perform in 2016.
34.              JHOAN URENA: after a fine Brooklyn season in 2014, and being highly considered, let’s face facts: he stunk the joint up in 2015 (.214/.257/.267 in 64 games) in an injury filled year in St Lucie.  Shades of Cesar Puello, who fans always clamored for but who never quite delivered…or will Jhoan show it to be a one year aberration and surge in 2016?  We’ll see....
35.              LJ MAZZILLI: the good news is I read that Paul Sewald thinks LJ will be a superstar.  The not so good news is that the 2013 4th round pick had a mediocre 2015 with AA Binghamton after his 50 game suspension ended, hitting .263 (OK), with no homers (as in nada, zilch, and the like) in 86 games there (not OK), and just a .337 OBP and .334 SLG.  He showed more pop in 2014, so let’s see what he can do as a 25 year old in 2016 to thrust forward with added pop in a full, uninterrupted season.
That's it for today folks. Next article, I begin to crack my top 30 with #'s 26-30.


James Preller said...

Seriously, Tom.

Game 5 of the NLDS is tonight.

Worst timing ever. You've got all winter to rehash these lists.

I know I only speak for myself -- and there is a population of fans who cares deeply about this stuff -- but I think you are wildly, horribly off-message with this post.


Thomas Brennan said...

Thanks, James. Will run it by Mack as to whether to push these back to offseason. Peace.

Mack Ade said...

James -

I don't direct the writers here when to write or when not to. Tom chose to do this now and I stand by whatever decision he makes.

I respect that you would have probably don't it differently.

Mack Ade said...

One more thing James....

we try and have at least two original posts per day up, one at 8am and one at 10am... I'd love to have more with more subjects but there's only so many writers here. You had your own site once and know how this works. I've asked you twice to join ours as a writer.

Third try...

Thomas Brennan said...

I will continue to roll with this Top 50 series now, despite it running concurrently with the playoff run...and probably re-post them during the doldrums of winter. By then, those of us with bad memories will have forgotten we read them in the first place :)

Gary Seagren said...

Thomas I commend you and all Mack's Mets writers for the time and effort you put forth to make this the best Met site on the web and ALWAYS look forward to any articles posted.

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