The Morning Report 10.19.2015 | Met Rotation Just Flat Out Ridiculous, Murphy's Power Surge, No SP Break for the Cubs, Pedro Says NLCS is Already Over


Ted Berg USA Today: For the Win- The crazy part is that it’s every day. Syndergaard stands as merely one member — and among the least proven, at that — of the Mets’ incredible starting rotation, one in which every guy starting games in the postseason throws mid-90s fastballs with good breaking stuff and excellent control. “Good thing they’re on my side,” said Michael Cuddyer. “You don’t see a staff very often where everybody on the staff is 95 plus. All four guys that we’re going to run out there in this series throw 95-plus miles per hour. That’s rare. It’s becoming more common, but it’s still rare.”

John O'Brien New York Times- Daniel Murphy has been a good hitter with modest power over his seven-year Major League Baseball career with the Mets, but the 30-year-old second baseman has turned into a one-man wrecking crew this postseason. Murphy, who hit a career high 14 home runs this season, has homered in four straight postseason games and has five overall from seven contests in these playoffs. "I definitely am seeing the ball well right now, so that's nice," said Murphy, "I've been fortunate enough to swing the bat pretty well lately."

Gorden Wittenmyer Chicago Sun Times- This was supposed to be a battle of some of the best young arms in the game against the best young bats in the game. Some battle. After two games in cold, blustery New York, it’s Arms 2, Cubs 0. And the New York Mets look well on their way to proving what almost everyone in the game will tell you about October baseball: Championships are won with pitching. “The arms they’re throwing out there, there’s no break,” said right-hander Kyle Hendricks. “There’s not near the margin for error.”

Bob Raissman NY Daily News- Will Pedro Martinez be joining his TBS colleagues in Chicago? Before the Mets turned Jake Arrieta into a mere pitching mortal, Martinez was ready to throw in the towel on the Cubbies. “I don’t see the Cubs overcoming two losses in New York,” Martinez said. This, no doubt, will not make Martinez a popular man if he makes the scene Tuesday night with Dusty Baker, Gary Sheffield and Casey Stern, on the set inside Wrigley Field.

(Chris Soto: This weekend could not have gone any better for the Mets. Facing the Cubs 2 best arms, the Mets were able to take both games thanks to both timely hitting and superb pitching from SPs Matt Harvey and Noah Syndergaard. Now the series shifts over to the HR friendly confines of Wrigley, where the Mets will have a massive advantage in Game 3 when deGrom faces Liam Hendricks.

     I would also assume that this means Lester will be pitching on short rest for Game 4 which lines him up against Stephen Matz and Harvey vs Arrieta, also on short rest, in Game 5. While this series certainly isn't over by any means...the Cubs certainly are on their toes. Game 3 is an absolute MUST WIN for them.)


Tom Brennan said...

The scary thing about SYNDERGAARD is he will only continue to get better.

Cubs now get to face OUR Jake, good luck.

We have Murphy the Hero, they have Murphy the GOAT. I prefer heroes to farm animals.

Anonymous said...

About Noah, that's how we felt about Gary Gentry. You never know.

I don't know what the Cubs will do, pitching-wise. Hendricks is actually a quality pitcher; he can be tough. They are definitely an arm short, no question.

Arrieta has thrown 90 IP more than the previous season, his velocity is down. This guy does not make a good candidate for short rest. I'd save him if I was the Cubs. For them to win, they have to be thinking about 6, 7 games Lester just isn't that scary, though he's very good.

Going into this series, I thought that the Mets bats would surprise many observers. They haven't come alive yet, but Wrigley is the right place for it. We've gotten nothing from Cespedes and Duda.

But in the end, the Mets live by the strength of their starting pitching. DeGrom goes tomorrow. How exciting is this? Such fun.

Lets Go Mets!

James Preller

Michael S. said...

The national media loves to talk about the pitchers we've faced but are loathed to give our guys credit. I understand our pitchers are younger but just a couple of months ago everyone was buzzing that they were the best young (and possibly best overall) rotation in baseball. Now that they're proving it that narrative has died down (with the exception of Pedro). Harvey - ASG starter, JDG - ROY, Thor - 100mph beast. I love watching the TBS crew squirm as their dreams of Mets losses fall one by one.

We're for real folks, get on board.

Dallas said...

Yeah the workload has to be getting to Arrieta. Thats a massive increase from the year before. 150->240+! Being able to rest/skip our guys has been tremendous. Being able to go with 4 straight guys and not needing to have them go on short rest is quite an asset. If we close out early we can lineup our staff any way we want. Even if we go 7 we still end up with the same rotation we are throwing out now with Harvey/Thor/DeGrom twice each. I think a lot of new Mets fans were born last night with the exciting start of Grandersons catch and Murphs HR.

Ernest Dove said...

Yeah leave it to the Mets to finally put everything together the year that the cubs try to not make liars out of a 30yr old movie..........
Now there will be more even more Mets haters then ever if they can pull this out and move on much to the dismay of Back To The Future fans.

Michael S. said...

Someone needs to remind them that the Cubbies beat Miami in that move - false prophesy

Reese Kaplan said...

Somewhat lost in the depth of the Mets' starting pitching is the fact that two guys who have been starters all of their careers -- Bartolo Colon and Jon Niese -- are adding depth to the bullpen. I do fear a little bit about Jeurys Familia burnout...it's not the World Series yet. It may not be necessary for him to pitch EVERY 9th inning regardless of the score (to say nothing of his 8th inning appearances).

Michael S. said...

I agree, in Game 4, I'm hoping for 5+ strong from Matz followed by Colon. Either let Bart complete the piggyback or have Reed start the 9th.

Also, Duda better start hitting right quick or Murphy's going to take his 1B job next year.

Tom Brennan said...

Duda is enjoying others' "whiff" of success.

Unknown said...

Pitching >>>> hitting

However, you need a couple of bats to come alive (and stay alive) in the post season (ask the Braves about that).

I said before the series started - if the Mets' starters average 6+ IP a game, the Mets win the series in easy fashion.

If deGrom pitches like he did against the Dodgers, we should be up 3-0 -- couple of big IFs there, though -- the Cubs hitters are a lot better than LA's

I am sure going to miss Murphy -- but, what a great send off of him - he is single handedly extending his Mets' career!

bgreg98180 said...

Murphy= Mr. October 2015

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Reese on Familia.

He's our horse. Mets need 6 more wins, and there are rest days built into the schedule.

Familia, this year, is the new Mariano Rivera. I want him in there.

Terry Collins is absolutely correct. You don't want to lose with your best reliever standing around in the bullpen.

I know it's been hard to find things to complain about these days, but using Familia is not possibly one of them.

James Preller

Tom Brennan said...

@ Bob Gregory...maybe Murph will become the all-time Mr October of baseball. Off to a good start in that regard.

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