Mack's Morning Report - 10-4-15 - The Playoffs, Changes at Mack's Mets


Good morning.

Yesterday's two loses to the Nationals have strengthened the belief that the Mets may just be peaking at the wrong time of the season. 

A 17-strike out no hitter is an embarrassment for a team that has clinched the divisional championship and has only one more game left in the season. I don't care how good the opponent's pitcher is. It's humiliating to have this happen in your own home.

I'm thrilled that the Mets have won the NL East, but one has to question any chance they have at this point in getting past the Dodgers.

Let's discuss.

The addition of the Mets winning the NL East will change some things around here on Mack’s Mets.

I’ve immediately removed a few of the bloggers on Mack’s Mets that wrote very seldom, had a hard time following direct orders, and following a direct schedule’

We continue to try and operate with a minimum of two levels of original posting each day:


Mon/Tue/Wed – Morning Report with Chris Soto  -
Fri/Sat/Sun – Same report with me, Mack – (all 7 slots filled)

10am report

Monday - open
Tuesday – Tom Brennan
WednesdayReese Kaplan
Thursday  - Tom Brennan
Friday: Ernest Dove
SaturdayReese Kaplan

The rest of our writers have been erratic and it looks like I have to go outside the web site and try and recruit a couple of new ones.

In addition Stephen Guilbert has not confirmed back that he will return to a weekly post every Monday at 10am. SG is a great writer but beats to his own drummer and I can't seem to get him to be a team player. I'll keep trying... a little longer... but I would greatly appreciate it if someone could step up and fill that Monday 10am slot so we can at least keep that intact.

My goals is to have a complete original posting at 12noon, That are 7 more openings:

          12noon –
          Monday -   open
          Tuesday -   open
          Wednesday – open
          Thursday – open
Friday -      open
Saturday - open
Sunday -    open

I still have some of the original Mack’s Mets writers to re-approach. Can Herb G, return to a weekly column? What about a steady flow from D-Whit? And you know that the Brooklyn Cowbell Guy can past the press releases from Brooklyn?

I just watched three days of the Pope’s visit, trying to settle differences and bring people back together. I know I could get one more original post from both Soto and Guilbert…

But what about the good ones that left us… Anthony Camacchio anthony.carnacchio@gmail.com, Mike Frieire  (mfreire@tampabay.rr.com) , Brian Mangan (brianpmangan@gmail.com) Luis Turado Jr. (nyluis7@gmail.com), Renan Varghese (renan.varghese@gmail.com), Michael Scannell (mscannell@poppynirvana.com), and David Rubin (djrubin@aol.com)?

Please reach out to any of these guys via email and try and help get a few back.
We definitely need someone in Columbia and Brooklyn (it was my understanding that the Brooklyn Cowbell Guy was going to recap each game on our site which, for him, would have just been a cut and paste. It simply never happened.

I’d like you all to do some thinking on this. I can’t get out like the past but I have been able to get press passes for writers like Reese Kaplan, Ernest Dove, and Chris Solo.

I have a few idea to recruit family members of Mets minor leaguers do give us a better edge on reporting. We all know that TJ has an insider positing on our site and maybe I can get a father or two to give us better information that we are getting.

Please reach out to the readers that follow you. How do you think that the whole Reese Kaplan/Bill Metsiac fued began about the effectiveness of Terry Collins? Neither were writers and came after I convinced they could continue their

Lastly, I ask all readers to once again consider joining Mack’s Mets as a writer. Everyone we have here was once just a reader. All you have to do is email me at macksmets@gmail.com and we’ll get Chris Soto to walk you through the process of getting on the site. Then, after you post your first post, you and I will agree on your weekly assigned time.

Please contact us.


Tom Brennan said...

Write for Mack's Mets....even an article a week...give it a go. It's ... well, fun.

I only saw the Scherzer highlights. He looked electric, so it happens. He did not get paid $200 MM for nothing.

I am not worried about lost season, especially when the time gap between the regular season and the start of the playoffs is so large that it should mute any positive or negative momentum.

Bright spots: Mets fanned 18 in the nightcap (stop for a second and be amazed at that), and except for one bad pitch, Thor was monumental in the opener. He certainly looks like he will be a baseball elite to me. He almost is there already. He'll throw some no hitters in his career too.

Ernest Dove said...

Mets need everyone to just get healthy and prepare for Friday...........

Hey does anyone know more details about these 'instructional' games going on.....like Matz pitching in one....
Who plays in these games for Mets? Prospects?

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

The Instructs start as soon as the season is over. They take place in Florida and usually consist of a hand picked amount of minor leaguers that the Mets want to see a little more work from before everyone heads home. Yes, even the Mets coaches down in the Port St. Lucie complex has an off season life.

You can actually sit in the complex and watch them play, but there is no announced schedule of roster given out.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I have been the eternal optimist but I am worried.

Tom Brennan said...

Hey Mack, I am not sweating it. If we advance, we advance. If not, it's been a really fascinating year. I really am hyped to see what deGrom, Harvey, and Thor (and even Matz) can do in playoff heat. Remember what deGrom did at the all star game and what Harvey and Thor did yesterday. I think they will be stellar.

Alexander Han said...

I agree, Tom, it's been a memorable year no matter how far this team goes in the postseason. Hey, this year we are still enjoying the novelty of "meaningful games", clinching champagne parties, and stretches of baseball in which our offence is a real menace.

But they are really going to have to turn it around on a dime here. No one is hitting any more. It's absolutely possible that they could switch it on a week from now but with Kershaw and Greinke over the weekend, the window of opportunity could pass by awfully quickly. Let's hope someone gets a big hit early on.

I just wish Terry would play Conforto. I know it's too late now, he's out of practice against lefties. As much as I feel TC has done really well, and he has done a great job building a team here, I think he has a little too much of an obsession with lefty-righty match ups, at the expense of putting faith in young dynamic talent like Conforto. We can all see Cuddyer struggling to hit a line drive one time after another, while Conforto hits a rocket every other at bat. The 2015 version of Cuddyer is just not hitting pitchers from either side of the mound, whereas Conforto seems to have something of a lucky charm to him.

Ah well. It'll be fun to watch a Mets playoff game nonetheless!

Tom Brennan said...

Win # 90. The Grandy Man Can...Let's win these playoffs!

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