The Morning Report 10.5.2015 | DeGrom Ready for The Post-Season, Subway Series Odds Slim, Mets Ready to Let Loose the Young Guns


Matt Fritz Metsmerized Online- Jacob deGrom capped off an amazing season by going four strong innings while allowing no hits and striking out seven in the Mets 1-0 win over the Washington Nationals. For the Mets it was their 90th win of the season, the most they have had since 2006. DeGrom etched his name into the record books in the second inning when he became just the 11th pitcher in Mets history to record 200 strikeouts in a season. And he joins only Dwight Gooden and Tom Seaver as the only pitchers to notch 200 strikeouts in one of their first two major league seasons.

(Chris Soto: Yep...he's ready for the post-season. DeGrom was in complete control yesterday striking guys out at will. Had this been a regular start where he was allowed to go a full 9 IP, he probably could have had 15 K's by himself, he was that good. He'll get his standard 4 days of rest before going out to the mound to face Clayton Kershaw on Friday. We'll be putting together a "Tale of the Tape" post before each playoff game to give you a detailed look at every match-up that occurs.)

Ernie Palladino CBS New York- The Yanks are just struggling. Once past wild card starter Masahiro Tanaka, it’s pot luck. And Tanaka coming off that bad hamstring doesn’t look like a sure thing in any situation, much less in baseball’s glorified one-game play-in. The Mets boast a much healthier and heartier rotation than the Yanks. Given that they’ll now have Colon and Niese to set up Jeurys Familia, they’re probably a bit stronger in the middle innings than the Yankees, too.
If an edge is to be had, the Mets have it. Should deGrom or Noah Syndergaard lose one or both of those games, Matt Harvey awaits. If the Yanks can’t get it done against Cy Young candidate Dallas Kuechel on Tuesday, they’re done. And with them goes any shot at a real Subway Series.

(Chris Soto: When comparing the Mets and the Yankees post-season chances, you HAVE to side with the Mets chances for 1 simple reason. Starting Pitchers. This is why SPs get paid $20M+ per season to make only 30 starts per season. Your not paying for regular season performance, your paying for Bumgarner-esque post-season dominance. The Mets have 3, possibly 4 guys, in Harvey, deGrom, Syndergaard, and Matz that can just be ridiculous over the next 3 weeks. The Yankees only have Tanaka, and MAYBE the good side of Pineda if he decides to show up.)

John Harper New York Post- With Steven Matz’s postseason status in doubt, however, Collins laid out a scenario in which the Mets might well use only three starters in the NLDS, with Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard making two starts each, if necessary. “Right now,” Collins said, “because of the rest we’ve given them, because of the stuff we’ve done to protect them, we’re in a situation where we can turn them loose. We’re on the big stage.” In other words, while they’ll still be careful with Matt Harvey, the Mets are going for it.

(Chris Soto: It's go time folks! These guys have been being held back, babied, protected the past 2-3 weeks now and it is finally time to let them loose on the Dodgers. That is a scary vision if your a Dodgers hitter. There will be no break from 96mph+ fastballs, "hammer from hell" curveballs, sharp diving sliders, or disappearing change-ups for anyone. These young guns are locked and loaded for a deep playoff run and are ready to strike out anyone who stands in their way.)


Tom Brennan said...

It will be a blast to see the young guns in action. With these guys, anything is possible. Mets heat the heavily favored Orioles in 1969, this team is capable of going all the way.

Anonymous said...

Just a note, but deGrom had around 70 pitches after 4 innings, so he would have been hard-pressed to get through 7 under normal circumstances.

I don't love the idea of going short-rest for deGrom and Syndergaard in the NLDS. Not when there's still an NLCS and a WS to win. If they are going to do it, this team is going to have to figure it out with Bartolo in Game 4 -- but please sweet Jesus, let it be Matz.

James Preller

Mack Ade said...

James -

Is it me or hasn't deGrom had early inning pitch count problems pretty often this season?

Mack Ade said...

All -

I strongly suggest the Mets go with 3 starters for the Dodgers series. There is plenty of time to rest these guys and there will be no relief for the Dodgers hitters with the heat being thrown by these three guys.

Ernest Dove said...

The Mets 'four horseman' have all offseason to rest.

Ernest Dove said...

After all that 'overuse' last postseason Mr. Bumgarner seems to have actually produced better stats in 2015 then he did during regular season of 2014...........just sayin......

Christopher Soto said...

Its official....

Nationals have fired Manager Matt Williams.

Anonymous said...

Moved to the Boston area a couple years ago so getting to Citi field is a challenge. A couple months ago, I bought tickets for a game that was sure to be filled with high drama, unfortunately it turned out to be the Scherzer no-no. It was cold and windy, not many regulars playing for either side but he and Harvey were dealing. In cold weather the hard throwers seem to have a bigger edge. 35 K's combined. However, it might have been good for the Mets to see the real stuff before they face Kershaw and Greinke, kind of battle test them again. We need a split in LA and a Harvey gem in game 3. Of all the players in the playoffs, none face more pressure to produce than Kershaw, let's see if he can handle it.

Anonymous said...

Boy, does it get any better then Kershaw/DeGrom and Grienke/Syndergaard in the first two games in LA? Then you get Harvey Day in Game Three......should be a really good series, but I do worry a bit about our playoff inexperience.

LA felt like they lost a good opportunity in last year's playoffs, so they have the redemption angle this time around. We are talented for sure, but will be "just be glad to be there"?

One huge factor is Kershaw's playoff struggles...........no one is talking about that, but it may be a great opportunity to steal Game One.


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