The Morning Report 10.13.2015 | Offense, Offense, Offense! Oh and Harvey Stunk. Hey! Don't Forget About The Winter Leagues


Brian Devine Metsmerized Online- With the Mets up 7-3 in the 4th inning, Yoenis Cespedes delivered the fatal blow to the Dodgers in game 3 of the NLDS. He blasted a three run shot to left field that put the game completely out of reach and caused the crowd at Citi Filed to erupt. Speaking to reporters after the game, Cespedes called the stadium’s atmosphere “incredible” and said that he never experienced anything like it before. "We talked the other day,” manager Terry Collins said of Cespedes. “And he told me: ‘It’s time to play.’ And then he shows you what he can do. He’s electrifying on the field. He does whatever he wants to do.”

Neil Best Newsday- Curtis Granderson had contributed to the Dodgers' three-run top of the second inning with a throwing error Monday night, so he figured he might as well do something to make up for it. So he did, in the form of a two-out, three-run double off the wall in right-centerfield during a four-run bottom of the second. "The guys ahead of me ended up getting on base," Granderson said. "They went out and continued to keep their heads held high. It was: Just take it at-bat to at-bat and just look for a pitch to drive. My first at-bat, I didn't have a ton of success against Anderson there. I didn't see him that well. But the second time around, hopefully get a ball up in the zone, where you can do something with it."

Dan Martin New York Post- d’Arnaud regained his form at the plate — and didn’t waste time doing it. He had three hits — including the first postseason home run in Citi Field history — and knocked in three runs as the Mets took a 2-1 lead in the best-of-five series. “I was just trying to keep things simple,” d’Arnaud said. “I feel the last few weeks I’ve been over-thinking and trying to do too much instead of just seeing the ball.” Both hits came on the first pitch, something Terry Collins foreshadowed before the game.“You know, one of the things as you go back, you can even tell when he was swinging good, he jumped the count,” the manager said. “He ambushes you early in the count. But right now he’s swinging and fouling it off or swinging and missing.”

(Chris Soto: Wow oh wow....last night was so exciting! I've got to admit, while watching the game last night.....I got really down when the Dodgers put up a 3 spot on Harvey in the 2nd inning. I honestly thought to myself, "man...this game may be over already with the way we've been hitting the ball." Here was our supposed "Dark Knight," who's been acting like a prima donna the past 30 days, getting lit up by an offense that was just completely shut down by deGrom and Syndergaard the previous two games.

     Then we started chipping away....base hit after base hit after base hit, a run scores and suddenly the bases are loaded. Then depression starting sinking back in as Lagares grounded into a force out and Harvey K'd. "Typical Mets with the bases loaded!, I said. Granderson then unloaded on a pitch that I thought was going out of the park and all of a sudden the Mets have the lead!

     The emotional roller coaster that this team has put us on is both nerve racking, and so exciting at the same time! I don't know what to think anymore. I'm just so happy to be along for the ride as a fan, spectator, and blogger. Only 1 more game to go.....LGM!)

2015 Winter Leagues

  • With all the excitement surrounding the Mets in the postseason....I actually forgot about the start of the 2015 Winter Leagues in the Carribean! The Mexico and Venezuelan Leagues have already started with the Arizona Fall League beginning today and the Dominican League starting Thursday. While I don't have an official date....I believe the Puerto Rico League starts around October 30th. Here are the list of Mets players that are on winter rosters already. Expect far more to join as the season continues.
    • Arizona Fall League
      • RHP Mike Hepple - Salt River Rafters
      • RHP Mickey Jannis - Salt River Rafters
      • LHP Kyle Regnault - Salt River Rafters
      • RHP Beck Wheeler - Salt River Rafters
      • SS Gavin Cecchini - Salt River Rafters
      • 3B Jeff McNeil - Salt River Rafters
      • 1B Dominic Smith - Salt River Rafters
    • Mexico
      • C Xorge Carrillo - Aguilas de Mexicali
    • Venezuela
      • LHP Alex Torres - Aguilas de Zulia
      • SS Wilfredo Tovar - Bravos de Margarita
      • OF Travis Taijeron - Caribes de Anzoategui
      • RHP Jose Celas - Leones del Caracas
      • C Albert Cordero - Leones del Caracas
      • RHP Darwin Ramos - Navegentes del Magallanes
      • RHP Zach Thornton - Navegentes del Magallanes
      • RHP Cody Sadderwhite - Tiburones de la Guaria
      • RHP Edioglis Villasmil - Tiburones de la Guaria
      • 1B Luis Ortega - Tigres de Aragua


Thomas Brennan said...

I had gone to the Mets win late in the season where Cespedes banged a laser liner off the wall with a resounding thud. Right back to left fielder. Long single? Nope. Cespedes went from first to second faster than prime time Jose Reyes and legged the double. Looked like a world class sprinter. So I was not surprised he legged out that routine grounder in the 2nd to start the rally.

Grandy is great. Only the fence depth robbed him of a grand slam.

And now....it's WILMER TIME. Kershaw may find out how well Flores hits lefties.

The kid from Suffolk County vs. the ace from Hollywood. I like our chances.

Zozo said...

Let's Go Mets!!!!
We Want UTLEY!!!

The place was rockin last night and felt like Shea

Mack Ade said...

I too became depressed when the team went down 0-3, but the quick 4-run rally solved that. It turned out to be a wonderful night to be a Mets fan.

Tonight... Democratic debate or Mets game... gee, wonder which one I'm going to watch.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, Bernie Sanders it going to take Hillary out with an illegal slide and win the nomination. Socialists everywhere will rejoice, Bill Clinton will want to look at the replay. All will be guzzling taxpayer-funded Geritol.

I'm watching the Mets. The Amazin' Mets.

Ernest Dove said...

As usual I'll have one eye on my daughter and two eyes on the game tonight......wait what. .....

Michael S. said...

Cespedes with the KO punch to the jaw. The second that bat swung around and he started his swagger I screamed "It's OVER!!!"

Thomas Brennan said...

Michael S, did you love the Cespedes "shove it, Chase Utley" post- blast bat flip? I did

Michael S. said...

Oh you know I did...I was praying they'd put his mug on the big screen so the crowd could chant "it's all your fault!"

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