First Round Pick David Peterson Signed Today


Saw the following on the Mets website just now:

With hours to spare, the Mets agreed to terms with their top Draft pick, 20th overall selection David Peterson, on his first professional contract on Friday.

Peterson signed for his pick's slot value of $2,994,500, according to MLB.com's Jim Callis. The club has not confirmed the deal.

It said that due to his heavy college workload this year, if he pitches at all, it will be limited.

As Tom Szapucki, Cameron Planck, and Anthony Kay would say, going easy on the arm is a good move.


Mack Ade said...

I have returned Mr. Peterson to my prospect list now that he is signed.

I expect his stints for the Cyclones will be like Dunn's were and I also expect him to start next seen for St. lucie.

Eddie Corona said...

did his delay signing cost is being able to sign anyone else?

Thomas Brennan said...

Good question, Eddie. I know we signed Top 10, 17 of 20, and 32 overall, which seems above average, but I do not think we signed Van Eyk with extra $$, however much was left.

Thomas Brennan said...

Also did not sign highly regarded high schooler Jake Eder.

Adam Smith said...

Well, he's a college guy, so add in two years for Tommy John, and he should be good and ready by 2023.

Mack Ade said...

(Adam's getting that Mets sarcasm down pat...)

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