What if You Were GM for the Mets?

Nah, not those decisions.  

You've done that game before, conducting mock trades, draft picks  and negotiations. 

You've got your team assembled.  

You've made your trades, you've filled your roster and you've even chosen your field manager.  

Now, you have a different task, one that is seldom spoken of in media until there is a controversy.  

You get to play with dynamite here. 

Whether it is a ballplayer's son on the field, a day off for a birth, or team uniforms, there are lots of behind-the-scene decisions that must be made by you. 

The ones you do not make are, in fact, decisions by default. 

You want to win. 

You want to present the best product to your customers as possible and you do not have any limitations to your team statutes (within the boundary of U.S. laws). 

What would you do?

How would you create a team first, well disciplined but still happy employee base to make them:

1.  Winners?
2.  Long term winners?
3.  Love to be a New York Met?

Focus on two elements in particular:  

Clubhouse rules
Team Traditions 

What rules would you institute and what traditions would you establish?

How many can you come up with that would lead to greater cohesion among players but still make them look forward to coming to work each day?


Thomas Brennan said...

I think I would come up with a list of what I believe should be the "rules", then discuss them with the veterans before firming them up.

The rules would be developed largely on what the "rules" are in baseball teams MLB-wide.

For instance, if the medical staff wants you to get an MRI, do you have the right to say no? I would say you don't have that right. Management can take that position and then the vets could discuss it. If some vet wants no restrictions, sorry, management has final say over rules.

Eddie Corona said...

here here Tom... that's a perfect start...

Reese Kaplan said...

Your body is what the team is paying for when they sign you to a contract. As such, they should govern all issues concerning it -- medical tests, hazardous recreational activities, alcohol and drug restrictions, etc. If you don't like the rules, then don't sign the contract.

Hobie said...

Agree with Thomas on "rules."

The best "traditions" develop spontaneously; Bleacher Bums returning opposition HR's to the field, Mets 1986 "Rally Caps,"etc. I suppose some come from the FO: Yankees no names on uniforms, Fenway "Sweet Caroline" (I wish we had kept the "Curley Shuffle"--copy-write problems there I understand).

Robb said...

Not for nothing, but the medical issues (mri's, etc) are dictated by the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. The individual teams do not have a say in whether or not a player must take an mri, its a union governed issue. The same way that a team cannot dictate medical rehab programs.

I might have a rule about no dildos in lockers tho.

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